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Tokota of the Month

Tokotas holds nominations for Tokota of the Month!
Do you know of a Tokota that has come out on top in a recent show? Or a Tokota that has flown through the ranks? A Tokota that has an amazing storyline or even a Tokota that has surpassed itself in activites?
Whatever the reason may be, it's up to the members to nominate the Tokota they wish to see as the Tokota of the Month.

The current thread to nominate a Tokota can be found linked on the Tokotna homepage. Reply there with the form, including the Tokota's import and why you think they should be Tokota of the Month.
  • You cannot nominate your own Tokota.
  • There has to be a valid reason for nomination, however minimal. "Just because" will not be acceptable.
  • Please include 2 to 3 pieces of which prominently feature the Tokota as examples of the care and dedication to said Tokota.
  • You can not buy/bribe or solicit votes in any way.
  • Players may only have one Tokota receive ToTM once every 6 months.

Previous Winners