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Groza 22318

Average | Female | Natural Mane | Dire [50%]

Groza 22318
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Canarctos dirus [50%]
Marked collared greying bronze cross with accents and barring
Not Bonded
200 cm
Flonkeren Hlaorith

Though imposing of stature and appearance, Groza is a creature of unfettering patience and formidable manners. Though she is hardly affectionate to the point of being standoffish, she is great to work with even for inexperienced riders. Fairly eager to learn new things and enjoys performing for her handler. However, this should not be mistaken for her being any kind of meek; she respects herself and her position, and as such will not refrain from putting anyone in their place if she so desires, may this be man or beast.

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------------------------------------------ SSS: Unknown
----------------- SS: Fenrir 1886
------------------------------------------ SSD: Unknown
Sire: Koning 7959
------------------------------------------ SDS: Anguta 05
----------------- SD: Kaniq 744
------------------------------------------ SDD: Sialuk 17
------------------------------------------ DSS: Unknown
----------------- DS: Ballos 4550
------------------------------------------ DSD: Alpha Female 2 AF2
Dam: Jacinta 7447
------------------------------------------ DDS: Bagheera 2839
----------------- DD: Tofi 5773
------------------------------------------ DDD: Nambra 4198
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Physical Traits
Non-Physical Traits
Big Boned: Pups (from breedings in which one or more parents is a dire) have a 5% higher chance of being dire built. (Eg 10% x 10% = Chances would be 1-10 Dire Built/11-100 Normal instead of 1-5 Dire Built/6-100 Normal)
Brawny II: Only applies to dires 50% chance to retrieve up to three extra pelts while hunting large prey. (Moose, bear, mountain lion, etc)
Caver: Caving items retrieved by the tokota are worth 20%+ of their usual reward when redeemed at Toko Tokens Bank.
Exemplary Dire Blood: If female can be bred up to 12 times in lifetime. If male can be bred up to 15 times in lifetime.
Hardy: Tokota is immune to injuries in Player vs Player and Random Events.
Impeccable Stamina: +10 bonus points to any group-held endurance competition.
Swift Feet: +10 bonus points to any group-held sled racing, or flat racing competition.
Special Traits (Non-Hereditary)
Courage: 5+ point score benefit in all group-sanctioned Ice fishing, Ice racing, Sled racing, and Hunting competitions.
Applied HP
10 HP
Tokens: 0
AoA (Excellent): 10
Bright Flashlight: Increases probability of finding items while exploring by 15%.
Flint Arrows: Increases chance of collecting rarer pelts on a hunt by 10%.
Sturdy Bow: Increases chance of collecting rarer pelts on a hunt by 10%, reduces possibility of failing a hunt to 1%.
Sturdy Rod: Increases chance of collecting rarer fish by 10%, reduces possibility of failing a fishing trip to 1%.
Snowshoe Hare (Summer)
Snowshoe Hare (Summer)
25% chance to roll an extra puppy in the litter (on top of the normal roll).
Provides a high chance for any of the Tokota's offspring to inherit a completely random trait (common-extremely rare).
Arms of Akna - Excellent Achieved on 09/17/2017
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Tokota TransferGroza 22318 Transferred from xFrostfall to BlazingBlackMagexFrostfallMay 15, 2019, 7:13 pm PDT
Tokota TransferGroza 22318 Transferred from Hlaorith to xFrostfallHlaorithMay 1, 2019, 7:55 pm PDT
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