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PcK's IslandView Tilly 25207

Alpha | Female | Natural Mane | Dire [50%]

PcK's IslandView Tilly 25207
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PcK's IslandView Tilly
Ywa | Tilly | Isle | The Pretty One
Canarctos dirus [50%]
Marked collared lilac black with accents
Not Bonded
Yes - No Breeding Slot Inquiries!
200 cm

This girl is the epitome of sweet, gentle and kind. 
She's a big softie through and through and it definitely shows - She adores creatures of all kinds and even loves to mingle with them on a regular basis.

She's doesn't have a mean bone in her body at all.

PcK's OceanView Oliver 18408 - Caving Companion
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------------------------------------------ SSS: Unknown
----------------- SS: Ballos 4550
------------------------------------------ SSD: Alpha Female 2 AF2
Sire: Wraith 22954
------------------------------------------ SDS: Bagheera 2839
----------------- SD: Tofi 5773
------------------------------------------ SDD: Nambra 4198
------------------------------------------ DSS: Unknown
----------------- DS: Fenrir 1886
------------------------------------------ DSD: Unknown
Dam: Dama 8021
------------------------------------------ DDS: Anguta 05
----------------- DD: Kaniq 744
------------------------------------------ DDD: Sialuk 17
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Physical Traits
Bob Tail
Roman Nose
Non-Physical Traits
Aippaq's Fortune II: Heterozygous genes have a +10% chance of passing on to offspring. Rare mane types (Including one carrying parent) have a +10% chance of passing on to offspring.
Big Boned II: Pups (from breedings in which one or more parents is a dire) have a 10% higher chance of being dire built. (Eg 10% x 10% = Chances would be 1-15 Dire Built/16-100 Normal instead of 1-5 Dire Built/6-100 Normal)
Camouflage II: +20 bonus points to any group-held competition set in a forested environment.
Exemplary Dire Blood: If female can be bred up to 12 times in lifetime. If male can be bred up to 15 times in lifetime.
Fisher: Fish retrieved by the tokota are worth 20%+ of their usual reward when redeemed at Toko Tokens Bank.
Impeccable Stamina II: +15 bonus points to any group-held endurance competition.
Leadership II: Reduced HP required to move up hierarchy statuses. (Submissive > Average - 50 HP / Average > Dominant - 200 HP / Dom > Alpha - 250 HP)
Nanook's Shadow: Pups have a +10% chance of inheriting the coat of the darker parent. (Eg Breedings between tundra and tawny base coats will have a higher chance of tawny, breedings between brown and black base coats will have a higher chance of black, etc.)
Special Traits (Non-Hereditary)
Aippaq's Boon: Increases your Tokota's chance of finding Trait Tokens in any activity.
Courage: 5+ point score benefit in all group-sanctioned Ice fishing, Ice racing, Sled racing, and Hunting competitions.
Applied HP
17 HP
Tokens: 12
AoA (Average): 5
Carabiner: Increases chance of finding an elemental by 1%.
Carbon Fiber Rope: Increases chance of collecting rarer items by 10%, reduces possibility of failing a caving expedition to 1%. (Replaces Rope)
Diving Light: Increases the probability of finding corals on a diving trip.
Flippers: Increases chance of finding an elemental by 1%.
Headlamp: Increases probability of finding gems while on a caving trip by 15%.
Bear (Glacier)
Bear (Glacier)
Removes failure chance while Hunting.
Provides a high chance for any of the Tokota's offspring to inherit a completely random trait (common-extremely rare).
Arms of Akna - Average Achieved on 05/02/2017
Dominant Reached on 08/24/2017
Alpha Reached on 01/06/2019
CE Working Bronze Trophy
CE Working Bronze Trophy
Won on 03-01-2020
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Tokota UpdateTack App: Added Carabiner, Added Carbon Fiber Rope, Added Diving Light, Added Flippers, Added HeadlampBeachBumDunkinFebruary 16, 2020, 8:11 am PST
Tokota UpdateAdmin Edit: HP Changed from 0 to 12DunrosielJanuary 25, 2020, 3:01 pm PST
Tokota TransferYwa 25207 Transferred from Furreon to BeachBumDunkinFurreonJuly 12, 2019, 12:03 pm PDT
Tokota UpdateTack App: Removed Snowshoe HareFurreonJune 17, 2019, 10:20 am PDT
Tokota UpdateTack App: Added Nanook's ShadowFurreonMay 5, 2019, 12:41 pm PDT
Tokota TransferYwa 25207 Transferred from Furreon to WarOfTheShadowsTokotasofPineRidgeMarch 2, 2019, 1:56 pm PST
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