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Ottillie 25950

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Ottillie 25950
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Ollie | Otter
Canarctos venatori
Cream tawny with flecking and pangare
Not Bonded
148 cm
------------------------------------------ SSS: Unknown
----------------- SS: Abraxas 462
------------------------------------------ SSD: Unknown
Sire: Unknown
------------------------------------------ SDS: Unknown
----------------- SD: Unknown
------------------------------------------ SDD: Unknown
------------------------------------------ DSS: Unknown
----------------- DS: Unknown
------------------------------------------ DSD: Unknown
Dam: Unknown
------------------------------------------ DDS: Unknown
----------------- DD: Ursula 8163
------------------------------------------ DDD: Unknown
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Physical Traits
Non-Physical Traits
Cleverness: 25% chance to retrieve up to three extra pelts while hunting small prey. (Hare, fox, birds, etc)
Creature Whisperer: Increased chance to locate companions in an exploring or caving activity.
Lucky: Increased chance of encountering a random event.
Snow White: Up to three companions allowed.
Special Traits (Non-Hereditary)
Fellowship: 5+ point score benefit in all group-sanctioned Endurance, Livestock herding/cutting, Agility, and Mounted marksmanship competitions.
633 HP
Tracked: 405
Applied: 228
Tokens: 188
Faction (WT): 25
AoA (Excellent): 10
AoA Faction (WT): 5
Atlas: Provides a small chance to bring back rarer items during exploration.
Crafted Lantern: Increases chance of finding rarer items while exploring by 20%; reduces possibility of failing an expedition to 1%. (Replaces Bright Flashlight.)
Flint Arrows: Increases chance of collecting rarer pelts on a hunt by 10%.
Gourd Lantern: Allows a small possibility of finding Black Cats via exploration.
Shiny Lure: 10% increased chance to find rare fish while fishing.
Sturdy Bow: Increases chance of collecting rarer pelts on a hunt by 10%, reduces possibility of failing a hunt to 1%. (can be doubled with Flint Arrows, replaces Basic Bow)
Sturdy Rod: Increases chance of collecting rarer fish by 10%, reduces possibility of failing a fishing trip to 1%. (replaces Basic Rod)
Hand Paint Dyes x1: Allows you to add up to 2 symbols to your Tokota, color of your choice.
Large Item x1: Allows one large alteration such as a missing or prosthetic leg, collar, bandanna, etc... (cannot resemble genetic traits or alter mane type)
Aippaq Plushie (Aippaq Plushie)
Aippaq Plushie (Aippaq Plushie)
Does not take up a companion slot. No other bonus.
Beaver (Albino)
Beaver (Albino)
Chance to bring back 1-3 Logs from an Exploration.
Black Cat
Black Cat
Grants overall luck. Increases the rarity of items found in all Activities.
Chicken (Black)
Chicken (Black)
Provides a 15% chance to bring back up to 5 additional Crafting items while Exploring.
Sikrinerk Plushie
Sikrinerk Plushie
Does not take up a companion slot. No other bonus.
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