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Buzz 45593

Alpha | Male | Short Mane | Dire [50%]
Bonding Certificate Tier 1
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Buzz 45593
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Canarctos dirus [50%]
Marked collared greying black with accents, blanket, flecking and pangare
Yes - Breeding Slot Inquiries Welcome!
210 cm
------------------------------------------ SSS: Baugr 37833
----------------- SS: Torben 38959
------------------------------------------ SSD: Awashima - NFS 36450
Sire: Malik 41943
------------------------------------------ SDS: Wraith 22954
----------------- SD: Zero 33278
------------------------------------------ SDD: Raava 28434
------------------------------------------ DSS: Lampurin Rautayrtti 36380
----------------- DS: Luka 40730
------------------------------------------ DSD: Eve 30922
Dam: Raiima NFS 42094
------------------------------------------ DDS: Gwyn NFS 35893
----------------- DD: Lotus NFS 37354
------------------------------------------ DDD: Malynda NFS 30033
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Physical Traits
Tall Ears
Non-Physical Traits
Brawny II: Only applies to dires 50% chance to retrieve up to three extra pelts while hunting large prey. (Moose, bear, mountain lion, etc)
Companion Tracker: Increased chance to locate companions in a hunting or dangerous game activity.
Explorer: Exploration items retrieved by the tokota are worth 20%+ of their usual reward when redeemed at Toko Tokens Bank.
Hunter: Pelts retrieved by the tokota are worth 20%+ of their usual reward when redeemed at Toko Tokens Bank.
Passionate: Tokota is able to be bred 1 time over the standard monthly limit.
Primal Hunter: Tokota can hunt Mammoth and Smilodon in Dangerous Game hunting.
Snow White II: Up to four companions allowed.
Special Traits (Non-Hereditary)
Aippaq's Boon: Increases your Tokota's chance of finding Trait Tokens in any activity.
Courage: 5+ point score benefit in all group-sanctioned Ice fishing, Ice racing, Sled racing, and Hunting competitions.
Resourceful: Allows Tokota to find Abandoned Supplies while Fishing, Hunting, and Exploring. (Does not work in Tribe Activities)
775 HP
Tracked: 704
Applied: 71
Tokens: 0
Faction (PB): 25
AoA (Excellent): 10
Awards: 16
Bonded: 20
Basic Rod: Reduces possibility of failing a fishing trip to 1%.
Bright Flashlight: Increases probability of finding items while exploring by 15%. (Will replace Dull Flashlight if already owned)
Crafted Bow: Increases chance of rarer prey by 20%, reduces possibility of failing a hunting trip to 1%. (Replaces Sturdy & Basic Bow)
Golden Arrows: 15% increased chance to find rare pelts while Hunting. (Replaces Flint Arrows.)
Herding Hood: +25% chance to get an additional pelt from any Hunting trip.
Hunting Saddle: Adds a +2% bonus to all hunting rarity bonuses applied to the tokota.
Rope: Reduces possibility of failing a caving trip to 1%.
Unlocked Extra Companion Slot
Bear (Polar)
Bear (Polar)
Removes failure chance while Hunting.
Duplicates the TT value of any large prey pelts found while Hunting.
Black Cat
Black Cat
Grants overall luck. Increases the rarity of items found in all Activities.
Mountain Lion (Albino)
Mountain Lion (Albino)
15% chance to retrieve up to five extra pelts while Hunting large prey.
Rhodesian Ridgeback
Rhodesian Ridgeback
Allows the retrieval of up to double the base amount of prey items when Hunting mountain lion or smilodon.
Small increase in the rarity of items found while Hunting.
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