Tokotna Register

Awu 53073

Alpha | Male | Razor Mane | Tokota
Achieved on 08/28/2021
Reached on 08/30/2021
Reached on 11/01/2021
Awu 53073
Aurora Perks

Destroyer of Shapeshifter Lineages
Canarctos venatori
Extended marked sable bronze cross with accents, blanket, black points, starmarks, wolverine and shadowmarks
Not Bonded
140 cm
Base Color Info
Whistler Brown (SSS)
Special bases that only appear on last line are not passable to offspring.
------------------------------------------ SSS: Whistler 23244
----------------- SS: Unknown
------------------------------------------ SSD: Unknown
Sire: Daz 50246
------------------------------------------ SDS: Thane 44136
----------------- SD: Unknown
------------------------------------------ SDD: Evelia 42162
------------------------------------------ DSS: Unknown
----------------- DS: Unknown
------------------------------------------ DSD: Blackheart 46215
Dam: Pax 49428
------------------------------------------ DDS: Unknown
----------------- DD: Ibila 48946
------------------------------------------ DDD:Unknown
Physical Traits
Tall Ears
Non-Physical Traits
Aippaqs Fortune II: Heterozygous genes have a +10% chance of passing on to offspring. Rare mane types (Including one carrying parent) have an increased chance of passing on to offspring.
Ardent: Tokota is able to be bred 1 time over the Starter Thread monthly limit.
Maujas Draw: Pups have an increased chance of inheriting a random mutation. (Chimerism, Albinism, Bloodmark, or any Hereditary mutations present in the breeding.)
Nanooks Shadow: Pups have a +10% chance of inheriting the coat of the darker parent. (Eg Breedings between tundra and tawny base coats will have a higher chance of tawny, breedings between brown and black base coats will have a higher chance of black, etc.)
Passionate II: Tokota is able to be bred 2 times over the standard monthly limit.
Shapeshifter (UT): Tokota can be depicted in one (1) alternate animal form, allowing them to earn HP and participate in group activities when in this form. The alternate form must be officially registered on TotemSpirit and follow the guidelines laid out on the Shapeshifter Guide.
Snow White II: Up to four companions allowed.
Spicy Soul II: Pups from breedings in which Tokharas are possible, have a 10% higher chance of being Tokhara built.
Timid Toes II: Pups from breedings in which Miraltas are possible, have a 10% higher chance of being Miralta built.
Special Traits (Non-Hereditary)
Aippaqs Inheritance: All Direct Descendents of this toko have reduced HP required to move up hierarchy statuses. (Submissive > Average - 50 HP / Average > Dominant - 200 HP / Dom > Alpha - 250 HP)
Dignity: Provides a +5 bonus to Performance and Teamwork Competitions.
Aippaq's Inheritance
1502 HP
Tracked: 286
Applied: 1216
Tokens: 1166
AoA (Excellent): 10
Tribal Prestige: 5
Tribal Dominance: 10
Lamb Totem: 15
Aga Sprite: 10
Basic Rod: Reduces possibility of failing a fishing trip to 1%.
Rope: Reduces possibility of failing a caving trip to 1%.
Snorkel: Reduces possibility of failing a diving trip to 1%.
Aurora Paint x1: A special handpaint to celebrate a Tokota completing their Rites of Dominance.
Large Item x5: Snarl, scruffy fur and wild mane by DaffoDille
Sikrinerks Stone x1: Maiksuk Meadow
Provides a large increase to chance to pass down a hereditary trait in Breeding.
Snowshoe Hare
Snowshoe Hare (Spring)
25% chance to roll an extra puppy in the litter (on top of the normal roll).
Spirit Dove
Spirit Dove
Increases minimum litter size by +1 pup for all Breedings.
This does not affect the maximum litter size.
Wolf (River)
While Hunting, increases maximum possible items found by 1.