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Hydra 6066

Alpha | Female | Natural Mane | Dire [50%]
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Hydra 6066
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Canarctos dirus [50%]
ee/aa/Tt/MM/AA/Cc/nG/nBl/nPng // ee/Aa/Tt/MM/AA/nBr/nPng
Marked greying tundra with accents, blanket and pangare // Marked tawny with accents, bearmarks and pangare
Not Bonded
203 cm
------------------------------------------ SSS: Unknown
----------------- SS: Tonga 182
------------------------------------------ SSD: Unknown
Sire: Drogo 515
------------------------------------------ SDS: Unknown
----------------- SD: Alpha Female 5 AF5
------------------------------------------ SDD: Unknown
------------------------------------------ DSS: Unknown
----------------- DS: Alpha Male 2 AM2
------------------------------------------ DSD: Unknown
Dam: Daenerys 514
------------------------------------------ DDS: Unknown
----------------- DD: Oona 20
------------------------------------------ DDD: Unknown
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Physical Traits
Non-Physical Traits
Big Boned II: Pups (from breedings in which one or more parents is a dire) have a 10% higher chance of being dire built. (Eg 10% x 10% = Chances would be 1-15 Dire Built/16-100 Normal instead of 1-5 Dire Built/6-100 Normal)
Exemplary Dire Blood: If female can be bred up to 12 times in lifetime. If male can be bred up to 15 times in lifetime.
Special Traits (Non-Hereditary)
Aippaq's Bonds: Grants the Tokota and other Tokotas pictured +3 HP if the trait holder is present in their visible lineage. (Unrelated Tokotas do not receive this bonus from being in the same image.)
Courage: 5+ point score benefit in all group-sanctioned Ice fishing, Ice racing, Sled racing, and Hunting competitions.
5 HP
Tracked: 0
Applied: 5
Tokens: 0
AoA (Average): 5
Bright Flashlight: Increases probability of finding items while exploring by 15%. (Will replace Dull Flashlight if already owned)
Carabiner: Increases chance of finding an elemental by 1%.
Carbon Fiber Rope: Increases chance of collecting rarer items by 10%, reduces possibility of failing a caving expedition to 1%. (Replaces Rope)
Flint Arrows: Increases chance of collecting rarer pelts on a hunt by 10%.
Headlamp: Increases probability of finding gems while on a caving trip by 15%.
Sturdy Bow: Increases chance of collecting rarer pelts on a hunt by 10%, reduces possibility of failing a hunt to 1%. (can be doubled with Flint Arrows, replaces Basic Bow)
Sturdy Rod: Increases chance of collecting rarer fish by 10%, reduces possibility of failing a fishing trip to 1%. (replaces Basic Rod)
Raven (Black)
Raven (Black)
Removes the chance to find trash items while Exploring.
Snowshoe Hare (Winter)
Snowshoe Hare (Winter)
25% chance to roll an extra puppy in the litter (on top of the normal roll).
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