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Member - All Your Floof Are Belong To Us

Your friendly neighborhood recluse.
Yeti obsessive.
You can call me K/xK/KP!

If I named your tokota - it was a song title.

"Here it is, here I am, turn it up xxx loud. Radio Radio Radio Radio Radio Radio Radio. When I got the music, I got a place to go." ~Rancid

Stray Paper 🎸 2260
Halvorsen's Tangled Mess 27256
Queen of Pain 🎸 54449
My Name Is The Night 🎸 57734
Dead Flowers Bottles Bluegrass & Bones 🎸 58209
Your Gravest Words 🎸 62113
Moonshadow 🎸 62601
Forget Me Not 🎸 63109