Every Time is Toko Time!

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Her name is Whispers
She stands at 5'4"
She weighs 190lbs
She is 22 years old

Basic Personality;

Very quiet when it comes to strangers, if people show they are trustworthy, she slowly starts coming out of her shell. She is very open and a joyful person. She tends to take in stray Tokotas, regardless of their problems. She loves Every tokota in her pack, each with their flaws and quirks. She is quite strict when it comes to training, but defiantly has that lenient side that will let them do what they want for a few minutes before she makes them get back to the grind. She is actually a good Tokota trainer, she loves to spoil them, as much as she can be strict. When it comes to human(humanoid) interactions, it can get quite awkward for her, she doesn't like to talk to people as much as Tokotas. She would much rather speak to a strange Tokota, than most people. There are a slight few people she will speak to happily.

Whispers's Tokotas
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