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Activities Visual Guide

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Disclaimer: Please read the Activity Rules as this is mostly a guide for visual images and does not include every applicable rule.

Rules and Information


  • You may not use official Tokotas group assets to create any part of your activity image. This includes any and all official group artwork such as backgrounds, items, line art, and imports. Use of Tokotas group assets will result in a warning or ban from the group.
  • The maximum number of Tokotas you can use to participate in each activity varies by activity type. You may include other Tokotas in any activity entry if you wish, but only up to a certain amount may be judged. The following variations apply:
    • Three Tokotas may be judged in a Basic Activity.
      • Four may be judged in a Basic Activity if one Tokota has the Popular Trait.
    • Two Tokotas may be judged for a Dominant Activity.
      • Three may be judged in a Dominant Activity if one Tokota has the Popular Trait.
    • If you are not collaborating, three Tokotas may be judged in a Tribe Activity.
      • Four may be judged in a Tribe Activity if one Tokota has the Popular Trait.
    • If you are collaborating, five Tokotas may be judged in a Tribe Activity.
      • Six may be judged in a Tribe Activity if one Tokota has the Popular Trait.
Non-Dom Activities
Dominant Activities
Base: 3 Tokotas Base: 2 Tokotas
Popular +1 (4 Tokotas) Popular +1 (3 Tokotas)
Tribe Collaboration: 5 Tokotas n/a
Popular +1 (6 Tokotas) n/a

  • All activities must be unique and different from one another via the thumbnail so that we may tell them apart.
    • Images must be relatively clean and may not look sketchy and unfinished.
  • Images should not be overlapping or on top of one another, you will be asked to separate them if it is unclear which image is the main focus.
    • If 50% or more of another roll is shown in your image we will ask you if you are either fine with getting one image rolled, or ask you to split the images up so as not to cause confusion. Decisions on this are a case by case basis.
  • Images must be at least 300x300 pixels in size. This applies to all shapes, along with extra/extraneous transparent and white spaces.
  • Prey cannot be one species dressed up as a different species. This is confusing to rollers and your image/lit will be denied.
  • Prey must be depicted accurate to the species in build and color, and cannot be handlers/other ARPG species/anthro/etc.
  • Prey may not be a silhouette. Fish may be depicted as silhouettes but only if completely underwater
  • If your handler or companion is the same species as the prey type, another animal of the prey type must be drawn/written.

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  • You may take artistic liberties, including background, location, style, etc. However, Tokotas must still appear as Tokotas, you may not draw them as any real, fictional, or partial creatures of any other kind.
    • The only two activities where backgrounds and their settings matter are caving and diving. Diving must take place in or around water and caving must take place in or just outside a cave.
    • Tokotas with the Shapeshifter Unique Trait could use their Registered Shapeshifter Form. If you are using the alternate form its official reference must be linked on the appropriate form.
      • A Shapeshifter Tokota cannot be the prey in a hunting image, or the fish in a fishing image. They may be in their shapeshifted form, but you will still need to include another prey or fish in the image for it to count.
  • Black and White, Comic-Book styled, as well as colour-pallete-themed images are permitted for activities, however they must be detailed enough to meet the following requirements:
    • For B&W (black and white) and B&W comic styled images specifically, there must be visible variation in values & tones to illustrate each Tokotas marking clearly. This also applies to the backgrounds, as they should also be tonally depicted and more than just lines/thatching.
      • These images may not be simple sketches and must use space efficiently.
      • At least one element in the comic panel being rolled must be hand-drawn and not a premade brush or stamp.
      • All image activities will be treated as a single canvas (comic pages will be rolled as a single activity regardless of panels). If you wish to have each panel rolled, Please crop and submit each image separately if you intend for them to be individual activities.


  • Prey animals and fish must be at least 25% visible to be valid.
  • At least 50% of the drawn prey must be depicted on the background, not floating in transparent or white space.
  • Depicted prey must be a visible size and distinguishable from any elements present in the background.


  • At least 75% of the Tokota must be visible in order for the images to be considered full-body and passable. (Red portion is considered 75%)
  • The Tokotas legs must be somewhat visible, while angle is taken into consideration; a straight up or down shot (Which is called top-down view) without limbs present will not be acceptable in activities.
  • Each Tokota should look like an individual within the piece, not just a copy of another Tokota. This applies within a single art piece and also to the rest of your gallery.
    • Line art, layers of colors/markings, backgrounds, prey and elements may not be reused for activities, rites, or anywhere else in the group. If you are found to be reusing (copy-pasting) these for another use, you may face investigation, and a warning or ban depending on severity and length of time assets have been copied.
  • At least 50% of the drawn Tokota must be on the background, not in transparent or white space. (Red portion is considered 50%)
    • Tokotas should look reasonably similar from both sides when depicted in art. Having one side of a tokota be complex piebald and the other white aside from a splotch of color isn't allowed. Both sides of the Tokota should be easily recognizable as the same Tokota. The markings do not have to be exact but all the major design aspects shown on their Tokotna import should be depicted.
    • A Tokotas individual markings must be recognizable from one another without difficulty.
      • We may ask you to further define facial features for the distinction of a Tokota's characteristics. For example if several Tokotas are similar in appearance we may ask for any additional handpaints/items or some difference be displayed (Even eye/flesh colour will work in some/most cases like with Albino).
        • If the Tokotas face is visible they must have their main facial features present (This can be eyes OR nose OR both).


    • A semi-complex background is required (it doesn't have to be extremely fancy, but more than just ground shapes/stamps/gradients). Large open spaces should be colored, textured, shaded, or broken up by other shapes and elements. This generally means you must have at least 3, but preferably 4 or more (to ensure passing), unique elements in your background.
      • Elements are defined as something in your activity image that is neither the 'undefined sky' or 'flat ground' (Eg. flat filled in color), generally elements in your background are counted separately from these.
    • Elements should take up some space within the image as a whole instead of just small elements in a wide open space with a slight gradient.
      • Texture or some form of depth - generally speaking, things that give detail to an otherwise flat surface turns it into an element
    • While an image might have enough elements it doesn’t mean it meets other requirements, some examples.
      • There shouldn’t be extraneous blank space with small elements dotted throughout.
      • Unaltered brushes, stamps, simple gradients, and shapes without definition do not count as elements.

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    Crafts, Photo Manipulations & Other Manipulated Assets

    • You may not use official Tokotas group assets to create any part of your activity image. This includes any and all official group artwork such as backgrounds, items, line art, and imports. Use of Tokotas group assets will result in a warning or ban from the group.
    • Photo Manipulated backgrounds must be significantly altered from the source material and must use at least 3 different sources or a combination of manipulated photos with hand-drawn elements. Minor changes such as cropping, color changes, or filters are not considered significant alterations.
    • Unmanipulated photo backgrounds, even photos you have taken yourself, are not considered acceptable for activities and rites.
    • You may only use stock images if this is allowed under the stock image owner’s terms of use.
      • You must credit and link back to all original sources of the stock, or your entry will not be accepted.
    • If using manipulation to create the Tokotas in your image, you must significantly alter the source material to properly represent the species, build, markings, and mane type of the Tokota. Recolored images of real animals are not acceptable.
    • Re-use of crafted dolls or figurines to produce activity rolls is not permitted. There is a flat HP bonus associated with crafted artwork, see the Hierarchy System rules for more information.
    • You may not use premade 3D models, presets or bases to create your activity piece.

    Acceptable VS Needs Corrections Examples