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Adventure Statistics

What are Adventure Statistics?

Statistics are used to represent your Tokota's inherent skills. There are 3 Physical and 3 Mental Statistics. They are added as bonuses to your Tokota's Challenge attempts.

Tokotas gain points to spend on stats when they are bonded. Each level of bonding gives extra stat points to spend, as you'll need higher stats to tackle the higher tier adventures.

  • All tokotas start with 1 in each statistic.
  • Tier 1 Bonding gives 3 stat points to spend.
  • Tier 2 Bonding gives 5 additional stat points to spend (8 total).
  • Tier 3 Bonding gives 5 additional stat points to spend (13 total).

What do the stats represent?

  • Brawn - Represents the physical strength of your Tokota, the higher the number the stronger they are. For example, Brawn could be used to lift a heavy object or throw a raptor claw at an enemy.
  • Agility - Represents the physical speed of your Tokotas, the higher the number the faster they are. For Example, Agility could be used to jump a long distance or dodge a flying object.
  • Endurance - Represents the physical stamina of your Tokotas, the higher the number the tougher they are. For Example, Endurance could be used to hold your breath a long time or climb a very tall wall.
  • Intellect - Represents the mental smarts of your Tokotas, the higher the number the smarter they are. For Example, Intellect could be used to find a hidden lever or remember a random fact.
  • Spirit - Represents the mental wisdom of your Tokotas, the higher the number the wiser they are. For Example, Spirit could be used to know which water is mystical or interact with a magic barrier
  • Charm - Represents the mental charisma of your Tokotas, the higher the number the more charming they are. For Example, Charm could be used to persuade a monster to not attack or know something is messing with your emotions.

How to set Adventure Statistics?

To assign your adventure statistics, you must have bonded your tokota. After bonding, you will have access to the Adventure Stats screen for your tokota. Their statistics and adventure counts will show at the bottom of their main import page once bonded, along with a button allowing you to see more details and edit the statistics.

This shows your starting statistics, as well as bonuses from your faction and any other sources.

You can increase statistics with the '+' button, and decrease them with '-' if you haven't saved your stat allocation yet.

You must save your stats for the points you've spent to be usable in adventures. After saving, you won't be able to change your spent stat points without resetting them, which requires one or more Stat-Ex items. You need one Bottle of Stat-Ex for each 3 spent stat points you have.