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Aippaq's Garden

Generally warm, odd because of the cold mountains and snowy fields around the garden. It is said Aippaq warms the garden when she cares for it.
Aippaq's Garden, named after the tokota god worshiped by the locals, is a beautiful stretch of endless flowers in a valley located on the other side of The Mountain of Qrivyx. The garden is surrounded by mountains, rough terrain, and plentiful trees, making it hard to find. Many common flowers such as Tulips, Daisies, Roses, and Chrysanthemums grow here, alongside rarer flowers like Lady Slippers, Youtan Polous, and Ghost Orchids. Unidentified flowers exist here as well, and many scramble to claim these flowers and name them. The garden stretches 4 acres long, and within these acres are small hills that protect the land from full view. This land is protected by four tokotas, who are said to be the children of Aippaq. Although they have never killed any human who wants to grab one of these beautiful flowers from the garden, they do not hesitate to rain down on the humans who do try to cross them. It is said that if you are lucky enough to see a sunset in the garden, it will be the most beautiful sunset you have ever seen. The flowers from here never die, and they say this is the case because Aippaq's blessing touches them, granting them life. The prey here is plentiful and this garden is often stumbled upon by lost hikers who are hungry and tired and are lured in by the sight of animals that they can hunt and eat.
  • Flower of Aippaq - The rarer flowers mainly are located around the flower of Aippaq, and the more common flowers are mainly located around the rarer flowers on the outside. Though many of the flowers are spread out, rare flowers can be found on the outskirts of the garden.
  • When Aippaq was young, their non-godly friends stumbled upon a beautiful patch of flowers, and gave it to Aippaq as a gift. Every day, they and their friends would care for the flowers, and plant new ones to expand the garden. Aippaq's friends grew older and eventually died, leaving the immortal Aippaq behind. To show their sadness and grief for losing their friends, they continue to take care of the garden when they can, regardless of their other duties as a worshiped creature.
  • It is said that Aippaq themself cares for the flowers, and if you pick one you will be granted eternal happiness and gifts. You may even see this beautiful tokota caring for the flowers if you are there when the sun is touching the horizon.
  • They say the four tokotas who guard the land cannot be fooled by anything and can sense humans from miles upon miles away. Everyone who goes there returns empty-handed.
  • Once there was a man that grabbed a flower and got away from the four tokotas, and he was granted eternal happiness and wealth. Though this man has never shown himself, he does exist and the four tokotas continue to look for him day after day to take back the flower.
  • It is rumored that a pack lives in the garden because many say that they saw more than four tokotas when they were being shooed away from the garden.
  • It is also rumored that the first tokota, Nanook, was born and raised here by Aippaq themself.

  • Original location inspiration by DogloverSasha
    Location art by Foxjot