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Curly Mane

Standard Tokotas, Tokis, Dires, Akotas, Dakinos, Tokhara

The Curly is a rare mane type found in tokotas, and displays on all build types. The Curly mane gets its name from the distinctive curling on the longer fur. The Curly mane is characterized by long, curling fur on the tokota's neck and chest, and medium-length curled fur on the tokota's cheeks, underbelly, haunches and tail. The remainder of the body features the classic short fur usually found on the body. As with all tokota fur, this mane is a double coat that repels water with the added curls making it act more closely to the fur found on such dog breeds as the Spanish Water Dog.

An odd mutation that occurred as the result of an accidental breeding between a sphinx and a natural mane, the curly mane became quickly sought after as a show tokota. It was some time before people realised their potential as water hunters and fishers, longer still until it became apparent that they were hypoallergenic.

Breeding Combinations:
Mane combinations are listed from most likely to produce a Curly Mane, to least likely to produce a Curly Mane.
Any combinations not listed are not able to produce a Curly Mane.
If multiple combinations have the same odds of producing a Curly Mane, they are listed in the same row.

Most Likely
Curly x Curly
Curly x Barbary
Curly x Yeti
Curly x Wire
Curly x Rough / Long
Curly x Natural
Curly x Half / Short Rough x Wire
Curly x Sphinx
Least Likely

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