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Feodora Remmington

Feodora Remmington

Quick Facts:
Title: Leader of the Prestige Breeder Faction
Career: Tokota Show Star and Dove Breeder
Tokota: Lark FT03
Quote: "If you love it, show it off!"
Appearance: 5'7", light umber skin, hazel eyes, coiffed curly salt and pepper hair, proper posture, and always well dressed.
Personality: Keeps calm under pressure in all situations. She's at home in the hustle and bustle of city life, with a friendly smile for all. Has one hell of a competitive side.
Background: Remmy has been a Tokota Breeder her entire life. Even from a very young age, she was called to the competitive circuits. In her late 20's she perfected the art of agility and obedience training, which made her famous in those circles. Not long after, she rose to a position of leadership in her faction where she has remained for the past several decades.
Rumors & Gossip:
  • Loves to bake bread for people.
  • Has two beloved Doves named Oliver and Dolores.
  • Has a weakness for the latest fashions.

Faction Leader
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