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Handler and Rider Rules

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Handlers, sometimes also called Riders, are not required to participate in the group. However some aspects of the group do require a handler, such as certain prompts in Continuous Events. This guide is to help show acceptable sizing for handlers as well as other rules.

General Rules

  • Your handler must be capable of actually handling the Tokota.
    • They must be sentient, with at least some kind of appendages and limbs for which to actually handle the Tokota.
  • Your handler may be shown in/on a vehicle within an image, but not one that obscures them any more than the percent of body visibility that is required. (See Hierarchy System)
  • Shape-shifting, feral and anthropomorphic handlers are perfectly allowed.
    • Some events that require a handler to be riding the Tokota, however, will not allow feral handlers.
    • Tokotas with the Shapeshifter unique trait cannot count as a handler for other Tokotas in events, and will not count for handler HP.
      • Tokotas with the Aippaq’s Guidance alpha trait may count as a handler in the specified events, but will not count for handler HP.
  • Admins still have a right to deny your image if they feel as if the handler is not sufficient with effort or visibility wise, even if it follows all of the guidelines, and regardless of what species it is.
    • If your handler is just a dot on the horizon, an uncolored silhouette, a stick figure, etc., your work may be denied and admins may ask for you to edit to follow standard.

Acceptable Sizes

Too small?

It is very hard to depict a handler this small in a remotely sufficient manner as details are often hard to see. Admins would have to squint hard to identify what exactly it is, or if there is enough of it to qualify. It is also unlikely to be able to handle a tokota.

Too large?

A rider that is large would put significant strain on a Tokota's spine. Always keep in mind the average size of a Tokota depending on build.


  • My handler is my personal character. The design is not for the group to decide!
    • That is absolutely true, and that is why, as stated above, this only applies to events where handlers are required and handler bonuses. By submitting art and participating in official group tasks, you must be prepared to follow the guidelines regarding them.
    • Please be respectful and mindful with your handlers, but remember that if you're not sure if something is acceptable or not, you are welcome to ask! Please also check the Behavior and General section of our Official Group Rulebook.
  • Do we have to do anything official like submit a handler reference to the group in order to use one?
    • Nope, they just have to follow these rules when you do use them!
  • How many handlers can one person have?
    • There's no limit! You can have however many and whatever kind of handlers/riders you please as long as they adhere to these rules.
  • Can I use one handler for everything?
    • Yes!