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Knowledge Seeker

Knowledge Seekers are known to be one of the most inquisitive and educated factions in Tokotna. They tend to make a living as scientists, researchers, or academics studying the practical mysteries of the world. Projects and experiments are common occurrences when this faction pursues the answer to a new question. The bond between them and their Tokotas is built on the mutual pursuit of understanding the world around them.

Faction Leader: Dr. Wilford Olle Mitchel
Faction Tokota: Percy FT01
Primary Focus: Breeding, Activities
Secondary Focus: Continuous Events, Bank
  • 3% Boost to Rare Mane pass rate in Breedings.
  • Small Boost to Physical Trait, Non-Physical Trait, & Mutation pass rate in Breedings.
  • Moderate chance to find TT in Activities.
  • +1 additional monthly entry for Continuous Events. Stacks with other additional CE entry bonuses up to a maximum of 15 entries a month.
  • Receives 5% discount off Tack, Companions, Crafting Ingredients & Crafting Tools purchased through the Trading Post.