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Lore Keeper

Lore Keepers are known to be the most spiritual and peaceful faction in Tokotna. They tend to be teachers, historians, and shamans for a living. They know all of the history and stories of deities throughout the land including the best ways to practice worship with their Tokotas. The bond between them and their Tokotas is built on a collective respect for the spirits and gods of Tokotna.

Faction Leader: Meztli Thunderfeather
Faction Tokota: Cedar FT02
Primary Focus: Hiearchy/Rites, Breeding
Secondary Focus: Shrine, Crafting
  • Allows for +1 Additional Tokota per Rites of Fertility image and increases HP gained from Arms of Akna by +5.
  • +1 Additional HP earned per Activity image.
  • 25% Chance to roll an additional pup in Breedings.
  • Small boost in Rarity when leaving offerings at the Shrine of the Seven Stones.
  • +5% Success rate in Crafting & allows +1 additional legendary craft attempt per recipe per month.