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What are Manes?

Manes consist of the amount of fur found around the collar, stomach, and tail of the Tokota. Each mane has different characteristics and histories which are detailed below creating a different silhouette. Depending on the mane type the tokota may have less or more fur and the fluffiness of the fur is determine. Manes also may affect physical traits when present on Tokotas.

How rare are manes and how do I get them?
Manes are broken up into four rarities: Common, Uncommon, Rare, and Very Rare. The harder it is to breed a mane determines the rarity of that mane. Most breedings can result in either of the manes added to the breeding but the official list of combinations can be found in the sections below. The pairings under "Breeding Combinations" for each mane are listed from most likely to least likely.

Manes by Rarity:


  • There used to only be Common and Rare manes, but now there are four rarities. Did that affect breeding numbers?
    • No it did not, the current numbers were used to make the four tiers.
  • Were more breeding combos added or were these always possible?
    • No new combos were added, we've just expanded the tokopedia to show the full lists.