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Night terrors, Cryptids, Mischief, Toxins
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Every local of Fosbir has an anecdote of their experiences with the dreaded "Dropki" of the badlands, each more hair-raising than the last. They'd warn tourists of such danger, snickering under their breath while they watched them chase after a ghost. The demon was merely a hoax meant to terrorize the tourists, but the sense of dread was real, attracting the attention of Sivoganik. As a practical joke, Sivoganik created Myrteole to pray upon their fear. Unbeknownst to them, Myrteole developed a mind of its own and it rebelled against its creator. To tease tourists, Myrteole likes to shift its shape to appear more horrific, praying on the fears it roots out from their minds. When visitors would recount their strife with the entity to locals, they were merely scoffed at. No local has actually seen Myrteole as it only appears to pick on outsiders. Any evidence of "The Dropki's" whereabouts have been dismissed, but people have dedicated themselves to documenting what they've found.

Myrteole is only able to materialize at night or in the cover of total darkness. Exposure to light is the only way to deter it. It produces saliva containing cineole, the toxin associated with eucalyptus leaves. Its bite is dangerous in and of itself, able to cause severe issues to the nervous system. It is said that one bite is enough to be forever haunted by night terrors. The toxins in its maw are also highly flammable, able to be lit ablaze when it heats up its mouth, further adding to its scare factor. It received the name "Myrteole" because of its bite, referencing the eucalyptus family and the toxin.

Original deity inspiration by raqiiARPG
Deity art by raqiiARPG