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Newbie Resources and Getting Started

About the Tokotas Group | Beginner Information | Other Game Information | FAQ

Hello! Welcome to Tokotas!

On this page we will explain what Tokotas are, how to get a Tokota, and what you can do with your Tokotas. We will also provide you with various resources around the group to help you get started!

About the Tokotas Group

What are Tokotas?

Tokotas LLC is an ARPG (Art Role Play Game) species. They are not free to create; you must purchase, breed, win, or be gifted an import or genotype within the game (see Beginner Information).
The Tokotas species are giant mammals, which we fondly call beardogs or bear-dog hybrids. They are rideable like a horse, and come in many different colors and sizes.

Official Group Rulebook

The Tokotas LLC Group is a PG-13 group. Please read the rules linked in the journal above. These rules pertain to all aspects of the group and our legal copyright claims. Additional rules you need to know will be mentioned in the appropriate sections of the game.

Who can I talk to if I am having problems with something or someone?

Tokotas is a large group and may seem intimidating, but the admins are here to make sure you have an easy time and an approachable place to ask questions or raise concerns. General questions and concerns should be noted to the Tokotas group, and questions may be asked in our Help chat on our Community Discord server. If you are having an issue with an admin and do not feel comfortable noting the Tokotas group, you may note the group ‘Dads,’ Barking-Birds, demonicrose, or DaffoDille directly. All complaints will remain 100% anonymous.

Beginner Information

Are there activity requirements?

Nope! You can participate as much as you want or as little as you want with either art or literature. You will not get kicked from the group for being inactive, and your Tokotas will not die or be taken away from you.

What is the difference between a genotype and an import?

A genotype is essentially the genetic information, a blueprint or a recipe for what your Tokota will look like. The letters (ee/Aa/Tt/nM/etcEtc) will tell you what genes your Tokota has. These genes are simply written out in the phenotype, or the string of words (Marked Tawny Etc), below the letters.
An import is a designed and officially uploaded Tokota. These are listed both in Totemspirit's DeviantArt gallery and our database.

How do I get a Tokota?

There are many ways to get a Tokota, whether it be your first one or not.
  • Adoption Center - If you are a brand new member and have never had an import or genotype before, you may adopt a genotype from our Adoption Center. You can only adopt from the Adoption Center once, so if you had an account once before, or have owned a Tokota in the past, you cannot adopt from the Adoption Center again!
  • Buying or Trading with another member - Tokotas may also be purchased directly from another member. This can be done with art, literature, in-game currency or items, DeviantArt Points, or with USD or other real life currencies (PayPal only).
    • You can get an uploaded Tokota, an Import, and get started straight away without having to go through Design Central for approval. However, you will either have to wait in the Import Updates thread (slow) or activate your account for instant user to user transfer.
    • You can also get an undesigned genotype, or the ‘blueprint’ for what your Tokota will look like.
  • Breeding - One of the more complicated methods to get a Tokota is through Breeding, but it can allow you to try and obtain your dream Tokota (with luck/if RNGesus is in your favor). To breed, you first must find a Male and a Female Tokota and either buy or be gifted a Breeding Permission from each of the Tokotas’ owners. You must then submit the breeding to the cycling Breeding Journal and wait for an admin to roll your breeding. In return, you will get a litter of genotypes to keep or sell as you choose. You can learn more in depth about the breeding information and process here.
  • Semi-Customs - Semi-Customs are a bankable ‘item.’ They are sometimes sold by admins and sometimes by other members. Admin sold semi-customs are not sold on a set schedule, and come in two build sizes: standard/normal ($10 USD) and Toki/dwarfism ($20 USD). Member sold semi-customs are standard/normal build only. Semi-customs have certain restrictions.
    • Semi-customs may also be given out during group events with varying restrictions to that event.
  • Mystery Genos - Mystery Genos, or a Mystery Pup, are sold by admins only and are not sold on a set schedule. These genos are randomly rolled and guaranteed to have four random markings. These pups have a chance at receiving any mane type, marking, mutation, or trait currently available in the game (not including Locked markings). These pups also have a chance to be rolled as a Toki or Dire (10% or 25%) build!
  • Abandoned Pups - Abandoned Pups come in four possible sizes: Toki, Normal, Dire and Akota. You have a chance to come across an Abandoned Pup through activities, or they are sometimes given out by the group through special events. Abandoned Pups are randomly rolled to have one to seven genes (not including Locked markings), and have a rare chance to acquire traits, mutations or rare manes.
  • Bone Flutes - A Bone Flute is a Legendary-Tier Crafted item that will produce one pup with randomly rolled genes. Bone Flute pups have a slightly higher chance to get rarer genes or manes than Abandoned Pups.
  • Taming - If you are feeling adventurous, you may tame a Wild Tokota if there are any available listed under Current Events. Wild Tokotas may be tamed by anyone, so you will be competing with many other people. These Tokotas are generally themed or are more rare.
  • TCA Rehoming Project - These Tokotas were unwanted genotypes that were given to the Shrine of the Seven Stones by other members. They have been designed and are up for RNG adoption, each round following a different prompt of what you will need to do for a chance to win one.

Keep in mind:

  • You must have Proof of Ownership of a genotype in order to have a Tokota uploaded by admins, so make sure you hold onto the link that leads to the breeding comment of the genotype!
  • Consider taking screenshots after making a deal, sending payment, etc. This will help the group sort the situation out more efficiently if a complication arises!
    • While screenshotting deals is encouraged, screenshotting your Proof of Ownership is not a valid method of providing proof. You must supply a direct link to the transfer comment on deviantart.

I have a genotype. What do I do with it?

Once you have an official genotype, your next step is to get it designed and have it approved and uploaded to the Import Account (Totemspirit) and to the database by the admins. Keep in mind that you may not breed or use your Tokota in any official manner until it is uploaded to Totemspirit/ (Due to Tokotas LLC’s Legal Claim over import lines and backgrounds, you are not permitted to upload, embed, or thumbnail your Tokota’s import to your DeviantArt gallery or to any other website including but not limited to:, Imgur, Pinterest, and Google/Google Documents/etc. We also do not allow any of our art and assets to be used as NFTs.)
  • If you purchased a genotype and wish to design it yourself, click here to find out how to design your Tokota.
  • If you have a genotype but have no means of designing it yourself or buying a design from another member, please visit the Design Den thread of the Design Central cycling journal. This is free, however be sure to read over the information there!
  • If the Design Den is not currently accepting submissions, you may use the Tokotas Group advertisements folder to look for someone willing to design it, or to put out an advertisement yourself to find a designer!

What can I do once my Tokota is uploaded?

Congratulations on becoming an official Tokota owner! There are several things that you are now able to do. Let us first start off with the essentials to make you gameplay as smooth as possible.
  • Read the Official Group Rulebook! These rules are something that you should take the time to familiarize yourself with. Reading this will give you the do’s and the don'ts of the group.
  • Set up your account in the Account Management cycling journal! Your username should be the same as your DeviantArt account, as Tokotna serves as your bank account in the game. Tokotna holds our Cycling Journals Hub on the main page, and also allows you to transfer and trade items with other members, view and edit details of your tokotas, craft items and much more. All of these cool features on tokotna allow for instant tokota and item transfers, instant crafting and instant purchases. The Tokotas in-game currency is called "Toko Tokens" or "TT";. These can be redeemed for many cool and beneficial items featured in our in-game store The Trading Post which is located on the Tokotna website. Toko Tokens can be earned mainly from redeeming the prey and items gained via activities at the TT Bank. To get started with your own Tokotna account, head on over to the Account Management journal and follow the instructions on that journal and the registration page.
  • If you are going to participate in art or literature Activities, you must also join the TokoCenter group!

Starting Out

The following is a list of recommended steps to take to get started with your Tokota. Some steps are not required, but they will certainly give you a boost in the game!
  • Read up on the Hierarchy System
    • The Hierarchy System is essentially your Tokota’s ‘level’ in the game. Your Tokota’s Experience, which we call Hierarchy Points or HP, is determined from the art and literature your Tokota is included in. The points are detailed in the link above, as well as a handy calculator so you don’t have to count your points by hand! Each Hierarchy unlocks new things.
      • Submissive Tokotas:
        • Cannot breed
          • Can still participate in the Rites of Fertility
        • Can participate in Hunting, Fishing, and Exploring activities
        • Can participate in Bonding, Continuous Events, and PVP/TVT. (Beware, PVP has a chance of your Tokota gaining an injury!)
      • Average Tokotas:
        • Can do everything a Submissive Tokota can!
        • Can breed with their Rites of Fertility completed
      • Dominant Tokotas:
        • Can do everything Submissive and Average Tokotas can
        • Can participate in Dangerous Game Hunting, Caving and Diving activities
        • Cannot fail Exploring activities
        • See Rites of Dominance for more benefits
      • Alpha Tokotas:
        • Can do everything Submissive, Average and Dominant Tokotas can
        • Cannot Fail Caving and Diving activities
        • See Passage of the Alpha for more benefits
  • Rites of Fertility
    • Also called AoAs, doing these unlocks your Tokota’s ability to Breed.
  • Art and Literature Activities
    • Tokotas may participate in these year-round activities, including Hunting, Fishing, Exploring, Caving, Diving, and Dangerous Game Hunting. There is no deadline and these activities will earn your tokota items they can redeem for TT at the bank, as well as crafting items, companions, and more!
      • Caving, Diving, and Dangerous Game Hunting activities can only be participated in by Tokotas of the Dominant and Alpha hierarchy.

Optional Content

Next up are all optional things to do! Please visit for the monthly Cycling Journals. The other links below are informational only!
  • Choosing your Faction
    • Choosing one of our six Factions on your Tokotna Profile > Manage User will give you certain benefits throughout the game. Choosing a Faction is not set in stone! You get to re-choose your Faction four times throughout the year. (Factions are reset upon the group’s opening in January every year.)
  • Joining a Tribe
    • Tribes are user-run groups with unique themes. These user-run groups may allow you to create friends within the community! Each Tribe has benefits in the game, similar to Factions. Every Tribe shares the same base benefits, and some have different benefits that depend on which specialty tree the Tribe unlocks after fully unlocking their base benefits.
  • Creating a Handler or Rider
    • Doing this is completely optional. Some things, such as a couple Continuous Events and Bonding, may require a handler or rider. Sometimes, but not always, these may be replaced by Starter Tokotas.
  • Random Events
    • Random Events are sometimes given out in addition to your activities results. These are optional to do, but may result in some nice rewards or an Injury!
  • Crafting
    • Crafting allows you to create new items out of items found from activities! You can boost your crafting level and craft items directly on Tokotna!

Other Game Information

Group Closure

At the last day of every month, and for the entirety of December, most (if not all) sections of the group shut down for monthly clean-up. This lasts for 4 to 6 days, sometimes more for bloated or understaffed sections. This is done to ensure everyone gets their images and comments processed, as well as to create new monthly journals for every section! Please be sure to not comment on these new monthly journals until the Official News and Updates states that a section is open. Otherwise, your comments will be hidden because we are not yet open!

Totems and Totem Building

Earning Totems will give you powerful bonuses throughout the game. You will have to put work into earning them though!

Common Tokotas Abbreviations

Tokotas simplifies a lot of our game language. You can read up on our abbreviations here!

Tokota of the Month - Information

Please click on the ‘Vote for ToTM’ button for the current thread! See a Tokota in the community that you think is really stylish or loved? You can vote for them here and maybe make someone’s day!

Player Achievements

You can earn Achievements simply by participating in the group and its events!

TCA Taming Academy

By participating in the TCA Academy, you can earn bonuses to your Taming scores and earn the right to complete two Bonding prompts instead of three!

Suggestion Box

Have a constructive suggestion for a new aspect of the game or how to improve the group? Suggest them here!


There is definitely more to the group than this, most of which can be seen on the Tokotas front page! Our Tokopedia on also has more information. Feel free to give it a browse, and if you have any additional questions, feel free to ask on our FAQ journal!