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Pack Leader

Pack Leaders are known to be one of the stronger and most enduring factions in Tokotna. They tend to live simple lives as farmers, herders, or other practical professions. This does not mean their expectations in life are low. Instead they thrive in pushing their Tokotas to be the best at whatever task they breed for especially ones that benefit the handler and Tokota. The bond between them and their Tokotas is built on trust in the other to pull their weight.

Faction Leader: Raquel Parmar
Faction Tokota: Rosie FT05
Primary Focus: Activities, Hierarchy/Rites
Secondary Focus: Random Events, Shrine
  • 25% Chance to Find an Extra Item in Activities.
  • Small Chance to Find a Common Trait in Activities.
  • +1 Additional HP earned per Activity image.
  • Chance to reroll Common Random Events.
  • Small boost in Rarity when leaving offerings at the Shrine of the Seven Stones.