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Greetings and welcome back to Tokotas! Over the years Tokotas has evolved quite a bit and there have been a lot of major changes to adjust to. This guide aims to log major changes in one place for easy reference for both old and new players alike.

Listed below are the various sections of Tokotas. Within are the details that have changed along with the date they have been implemented for your reference.

Last Update: 1/7/2022



  • Who owns the Tokotas group?
  • has taken over! Just what things ARE done on website and what is still done on DA?
    • Greetings and welcome to the age of Tokotna!
      Functions of the group that are currently done on Tokotna are as follows:
      • Account Details - Your Faction, Tribe, Crafting tier, TCA rank, Totems, and more are now linked to your Tokotna account and will use your profile as your proof of these things.
      • Import Ownership - Proof of ownership of a Tokota is now 100% on Tokotna
      • Import Transfers - Ownership transfers are now done on Tokota - the thread on da, while still existing is not maintained frequently.
      • Crafting - Crafting is now 100% done on the website.
      • Bank Accounts - Long gone are the days of google docs - all banks are stored on the website and all items are bankable.
      • Item Transfers between users - Item transfers between two players is done on the site.
      • Tack Apps - While the thread on the DA bank journal still exists, tack applications are now available to do instantly on the website.
      • The Trading Post - Store-bought items (basic tack, sturdy tack, fertility supplements, etc) are now purchased on the website. Additionally items sold back to the store once deposited are processed on-site as well. Trait tokens may also be exchanged for traits here.
      • Tribes - Tribe ownership and membership are hosted on the website - we use Tokotna as proof of your achievements and tribe bonuses.
    • Things that are still processed on DA are the following:
      • Account Activation - To activate your Tokotna account, a code that has been sent to the email you've provided on sign up must be posted to the appropriate thread on the account management journal before the account may be used fully.
      • Redemptions - Transferring items from activity roll results are still done manually by an admin. These items are then accessible on Tokotna once processed.
      • Design Approval and Decor updates - These things are still processed on DA via Design Central
      • Activity Submissions - Taming Attempts, CE's, and other art-based submissions - All art is still processed through DA, any awarded items must still be redeemed to Tokotna to be used, but no artwork is uploaded to Tokotna for processing.
      • Tribe Unlocks - Tribe achievements themselves are unlocked on DA and then applied to Tokotna.
  • What happens to my old Tokotas if I have returned under a new account?
    How do I get them transferred to me?
    • Please sign up to Tokotna using the account that owns your Tokotas as your primary account and then request it changed to your new one afterwards.
      If an old account is deactivated on DA, you can still log in and send us a screenshot of the logged in, deactivated account and we can use that as sufficient proof to activate and transfer your Tokotas.
      If you ended up with two active Tokotna accounts, please comment in the Account Edits thread of Account Management to get them merged.