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Rough Mane

Standard Tokotas, Tokis, Dires, Akotas, Dakinos, Tokhara

The Rough is another uncommon mane, currently breedable in all build types. Rough-maned tokotas are characterized by short to medium-length wavy fur. The follicle is fine, similar to that of a silky or curly, but is more densely packed like the growth patterns of Natural and Yeti manes.

The Rough is one of the most recent advents of breeders across Tokotna, having recently been recognized by the TCA as its own distinct mane type through decades of selective breeding. It was thought to only occur artifically through careful breeding selection, but recently TCA officials have come to understand that the mane can in fact occur in the wild in uncontrolled circumstances through certain breeding patterns.

Rough tokotas do well in most environments, but excell beyond most other maned types in cold waters as their water-repellant guard hairs keeps their soft undercoat relatively dry.

Breeding Combinations:
Mane combinations are listed from most likely to produce a Rough Mane, to least likely to produce a Rough Mane.
Any combinations not listed are not able to produce a Rough Mane.
If multiple combinations have the same odds of producing a Rough Mane, they are listed in the same row.

Best Odds
Rough x Rough
Rough x Silky
Rough x Half / Short / Razor
Rough x Natural
Rough x Curly / Wire Half x Curly Sphinx x Wire
Rough x Sphinx Natural x Curly / Wire Wire x Wire / Curly / Half / Short
Rough x Long Sphinx x Curly
Rough x Yeti Silky x Wire
Rough x Barbary
Least Odds

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