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Shapeshifter Guide

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Shapeshifter is a unique trait that allows you to create and use an alternate form for your tokota. Alternate forms may be used in all group activities, rites, events, quests, etc provided they are depicted following all the rules of that department. Whenever you are using the alternate form its official reference must be linked on the appropriate form.


Shapeshifters may be depicted in one (1) alternate animal form. Their markings must still be depicted and recognizable in their entirety. Forms must meet all size, species, and complexity restrictions explained below.
Shapeshifter forms do not have a maximum size, but they do have a minimum size. Alternate forms may not be smaller than the minimum depicted on the size chart below. If the chosen form is usually smaller than the minimum, then you may make a scaled up version of the animal. Such as if the shapeshifter’s alternate form is a hummingbird, then it would be a giant hummingbird that meets all other rules of species and complexity.

Regardless of their actual size when using an alternate form in rites, activities, or any other submission that requires them to be an active focal point of the image. The shapeshifter should not be a hidden or minor addition to the image. They need to remain relevant as if they were depicted in their standard form.

Shapeshifter forms require complexity comparable to that of a Tokota. Forms may not be overly simplified or limbless, and coloration must be identifiable as the Tokota. Departmental rules will still apply, such as alternate forms in activities will be expected to adhere to the rules listed in the Activities Visual Guide.
Shapeshifter forms may be any realistic or fantasy animal such as a dog or a dragon. They must be a living biological creature not a zombie or robot version of the animal.
However, the following species are prohibited as Shapeshifter forms:
  • Limbless Animals (Worms, Snakes, etc.)
  • Human / Humanoid / Anthromorphs
    • This includes creatures with human like features such as centaurs, satyrs, and mythological sphinxes.
  • Copyrighted Characters & Species (Pokemon, Digimon, Other ARPG Species)
    • Alternate forms may not be used to double dip between games. Depending on the severity of rule breaking, all HP will be revoked and more action may be taken.

How to Register a Form

  1. Create a colored reference on one of the free import backgrounds.
    • Your reference may be commissioned/provided by another artist, but you need to have explicit rights to have it uploaded onto TotemSpirit.
    • We will not provide compensation for commissioned references.
    • If your Shapeshifter has a background from a stone or other source, you may use a Xoqohs Trinket to use that background instead of a free one.
  2. Post in the Shapeshifter Form thread in the current Account Management journal.
    • Fill out the following form:
      Username: (Link to Tokotna Profile)
      Tokota: (Link to Tokota's Import) File: (Link to file, must be full resolution)
      Proof of Artist Permission: (Leave blank if you are the artist)
      I have read the rules and agree to the terms of use laid out on Tokotna: (Yes/No)
  3. Admins will approve or request corrections to the form reference to meet the requirements above.
    • Upon approval, the admin will upload the reference to TotemSpirit and link it with your Tokota’s import.
    • Once linked, the form may be used across the group.


  • What if I have a shapeshifter that’s form was human before it was restricted?
    • Shapeshifter Tokotas that used human forms prior to the change may continue to use any HP earned prior to January 1st, 2023. These forms may not be registered for use in other aspects of the group such as activities, CEs, etc.
  • If my Shapeshifter's form is a fish/deer/other prey animal, does that count for the requirements for Hunting and Fishing images?
    • No, a Shapeshifter Tokota cannot be the prey in a hunting image, or the fish in a fishing image. They may be in their shapeshifted form, but you will still need to include another prey or fish in the image for it to count.
  • If my Shapeshifter's form is on a free background can I update to use the same hierarchy/stone background my Shapeshifter Tokota is on?
    • Yes, you'll need to post an updated reference with the new background in the Shapeshifter Registration thread and spend a Xoqohs Trinket to update.
  • May I upload my Shapeshifter form to my DA account?
    • Yes, as long as it is NOT on a Toko Background.