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Short Mane

Standard Tokotas, Tokis, Dires, Akotas, Dakinos, Tokhara

The Short is an uncommon mane type found in tokotas, and displays on all build types. The Short mane gets its name from the medium-length fur on the neck, which is shorter than the fur found on a Natural mane. The Short mane is characterized by medium-length fur on the tokota's cheeks, neck, haunches and tail, and short fur on the remainder of the body. As with all tokota fur, this mane is a double coat that repels water.

The Short mane evolved through selective breeding among Natural, Half, and Sphinx tokotas as a compromise between the bare neck of the Half mane and the fully covered neck of the Natural mane. Such a mane type could have plausibly occurred in the wild with another few hundred years of natural breeding between coastal Half and Natural manes. This mane type is considered by many to be purely cosmetic, as it adds very little benefit over Half or Natural manes.

While versatile they cannot remain in exposed frigid cold for long periods without some additional heat source, such as blankets.

Breeding Combinations:
Mane combinations are listed from most likely to produce a Short Mane, to least likely to produce a Short Mane.
Any combinations not listed are not able to produce a Short Mane.
If multiple combinations have the same odds of producing a Short Mane, they are listed in the same row.

Most Likely
Short x Short
Short x Silky
Short x Half / Razor / Sphinx / Rough
Short x Natural Half x Sphinx
Sphinx x Natural / Razor
Short x Natural / Curly Half x Razor
Sphinx x Sphinx
Natural x Razor
Short x Long Natural x Half Razor x Razor
Short x Yeti
Short x Barbary
Least Likely

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