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Token Broker

Token Brokers are known to be one of the most industrious and wealthy factions in Tokotna. They tend to make a living as merchants, bankers, or the more wild as treasure hunters. The spread of commerce can almost single handedly be attributed to people in this faction. Together with their Tokotas, they have stoked the growth of Tokotna's cities. The bond between them and their Tokotas is built on the drive to pursue the finer things in life.

Faction Leader: Lola Bennings-Contraras
Faction Tokota: Athena FT06 & Eris FT07
Primary Focus: Activities, Breeding
Secondary Focus: Bank, Random Events
  • 25% Chance to Find an Extra Item in Activities.
  • Moderate chance to find TT in Activities.
  • Small Boost to Physical Trait, Non-Physical Trait, & Mutation pass rate in Breedings.
  • Receives 5% discount off Tack, Companions, Crafting Ingredients & Crafting Tools purchased through the Trading Post.
  • Chance to reroll Common Random Events.