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Totem Information | How Totems Work | Unlocking Totems | FAQ

What are Totems?

Totems are collectible prizes which provide powerful bonuses throughout the game. Each totem has its own task(s) which must be completed to unlock their bonus, which is not bound to a single Tokota (unlike tack and companions.) There are many Totems spread over multiple departments with widely varying effects. Only 10 may be active at any time, so choose wisely. Check out the sections below to learn more!

> The current list of all totems can be found here. <

How do Totems Work?

Players use the Totem Settings screen on Tokotna to build their Totem Pole; this can be accessed via the Manage Totems button on a player's profile. Once saved, the pole may only be edited once a month. The edit window depends on which of the following two settings have been chosen:
  • Reset
    • Totems will be completely reset at the end of the month. With this setting, the pole may be adjusted 1 time at any point in the month, but no totem bonuses will be applied until the new pole settings are saved.
  • Persistent
    • Totems will not be wiped at the end of the month; your current choices will be maintained into the next month. This setting allows for the bonuses to be adjusted 1 time during close. Once saved or the group re-opens, totems are locked and cannot be edited.

How do I Unlock Totems?

Each Totem has unique requirements which must be met in order to unlock the totem for use. Players are responsible for tracking their own proof of attaining these goals. Once the requirements for the desired totem have been met, the proofs should be posted in the Totem Unlock thread on the Account Management journal.

Please note that these requirements must all be fulfilled after the release date February 4th 2019 and retroactive proofs will not be accepted. The only exception to this rule is the Dog Totem, which is accessible to anyone who has already reached TCA Academy Level 5.

➥ Totem Proof Examples


  • Do the Horse Totem and Trialist stack? Can I have three tokotas participate in a single CE entry?
    • No, the totem and trait do not stack. The maximum amount of Tokotas allowed to participate in a single CE image is 2, regardless of how many bonuses are being used.
  • If my Tokota has rites done before the application of a domestic cat companion, may I redo them with a cat to count for the Cat Totem?
    • No. The cat companion must be applied before any rites are completed or it is invalid for the Cat Totem.
  • Does the cat companion have to be depicted in all 9 (or 8 with Penguin Totem) images (AoA, RoD, And PotA) for the Cat Totem?
    • Yes. The Cat must be drawn or written about in all images you need to complete your rites.
  • What if I accidentally deleted the of design submissions I was saving for Lioness/Butterfly/Walrus Totem?
    • Deleted sta.shes cannot be used to unlock these totems. You must provide links to working files.
  • Do Pyrite slots also count for Rabbit Totem, vs. just Bronze-Platinum?
    • Pyrite Count as Starter Slots for Rabbit, Tokotines-Pyrite does not.
  • Does Baker count for the Hyena Totem?
    • Baker counts, any trait that can be actively used in taming counts.
  • Do hp bonuses from sprites, average/excellent AoAs, bonding, etc count for hp toward the Hyena Totem?
    • No. Only hp gained from actively using a Tokota in taming counts toward the totem. Please make sure the Average to Dominate (and Sub-Average, if applicable) contains only hp gained from active taming. If you have any other hp, you may put it in the Alpha+ sections. However, traits such as Leadership and Aippaq's Inheritance are allowed as they reduce the amount of hp needed. Additional, any bonuses that give you extra hp in the taming image, such as Superstar, Tribemates, etc., are allowed.
  • Does a Teamwork CE entry count as one or two entries for Rat totem?
    • Each image/lit counts as one entry. So even if two of your tokos were in it, it only counts as one towards the totem. This also means no using the Horse Totem for two entries from one piece.
  • Does our Tokotines image count towards the Woodpecker Totem?
    • No. Only Breeding images used in normal/starter breedings are acceptable for the Woodpecker Totem.
  • Will counts for the totems involving Excellent score or AoAs (ram/penguin/owl) still count if you sell the tokota?
    • Yes, if you still have the comment with proof.
  • May I use quests from years past if they're done in the correct month for the Festive Totem?
    • No. To unlock totems, your quests must be from February 2022 onwards.
  • For the Bearded Dragon Totem, may both collaborators use the same set of Tokotas to unlock the totem?
    • No. Only the person that owns to tokota may use the collabed bonding images to unlock the totem.
  • How many images need to be collabed in order to unlock the Bearded Dragon Totem?
    • All Images must be collabed to unlock the totem. So, all three per toko, or two if the toko's owner has reached TCA Rank 5.
  • Can Rites of Fertility redos be used for the Penguin Totem?
    • Yes, you may use rites that have be redone for the totem.