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Tribes - Tribe Achievements

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Tribe Achievements are bonuses that tribes can unlock by working together to meet certain goals. Each achievement is part of an “Achievement Tree,” and once a tribe has unlocked all of their General Achievements, they can begin working on a Specialty Tree. Tribes may only choose one specialty tree to complete. Each achievement in a tree has specific requirements to unlock them, which sometimes includes unlocking other achievements first. Be sure to read the requirements carefully.

In order to unlock an achievement, the tribe must have it confirmed by an admin over on the cycling Tribes Journal. Founders will need to compile all required links for proof into a single, temporary "achievement tracker" for easier confirmation. You do not have to keep a running tracker for all tribe achievements, but your proof and requirements must be gathered up into a single place (a stash file, a journal, or even a google doc that’s viewable by everyone) in order to be submitted for confirmation.

Please note that, as has always been the case with tribes, founders have the right to determine who does or does not have access to the tribe's unlocked benefits. This may be determined based on things such as how long a member has been in the tribe or how much activity they put forth.

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  • Tribes may work on all of the General Achievements at once.
  • Tribes may only post one achievement for confirmation at a time.
  • Achievements may only be unlocked once all listed prerequisite achievements have been unlocked.
  • Once all of the General Achievements are unlocked, tribes may begin the process of unlocking the achievements within a Specialty Tree.
    They may, like General Achievements, work on all of them at once, but may only be unlocked once the prerequisite achievements have been unlocked.
  • Tribes may only choose one Specialty Tree to complete and may not change their chosen tree. Choose carefully.
  • Once a tribe has completely unlocked their Specialty tree, they may begin the process of unlocking the achievements within the World Tree.
    As with the other trees, tribes may work on work on all of the achievements at once, but may only be unlocked once the prerequisite achievements have been unlocked.

Tribe Sizes

Tribes are broken up into categories based on their size. Their size category affects their requirements for reaching achievements. All achievements have an "X" in their Obtained By requirements. The size of your tribe sets your X.

Small Medium Large X-Large
5-25 Members 26-75 Members 76-150 Members 151+ Members
X = 15 X = 55 X = 120 X = 210

Clarification of X vs. Tribe Size

X is the number of submissions, successes, or proofs you need. If you have a Small Tribe with the minimum Members of 5, then every tribemates needs to do 3 to reach the goal of 15. If you have an X-Large Tribe with the minimum Members of 151, then every tribemate needs to do around 1.5 to reach the goal of 200. Smaller tribes have the benefit of a lower goal, but larger tribes require less of each member to reach goals. There is a benefit no matter how you build your tribe, size wise. Not every tribemate has to participate to reach an achievement.

General Achievement Tree

Achievements in this tree may be unlocked by any tribe, regardless of their chosen specialty.
General Achievements
Tier I [Activity] Specialist I Birds of a Feather Merchant [Contest] Showstopper I
Tier II [Activity] Specialist II Outdoor Enthusiast I [Contest] Showstopper II
Tier III Dominant Specialist Outdoor Enthusiast II Breeder
Tier IV Outdoor Enthusiast III
Tier V Tribe Leasing

Spirited Competitor Tree

Spirited Competitor is a specialty tree focused on contests of all type. Tribes may gain versatile bonuses to different types of contests, more attempts at contests each month, and a chance for more significant rewards.
Spirited Competitor Achievements
Tier I TCA Specialist Cheer Squad Trophy Wall
Tier II Competitive Crafter
Tier III Champion's Purse Winner's Circle
Tier IV Team Player

Trail Runner Tree

Trail Runner is a specialty tree focused on activities of all type. Tribes may gain versatile bonuses to different types of activities, gain bonuses to find items, and redeem tribe activity rewards for more TT.
Trail Runner Achievements
Tier I Master of the Journey Master of the Seas Master of the Hunt
Tier II Good Fortune
Tier III Broker Exceptional Fortune
Tier IV Forbidden Knowledge

Hierarchy Climber Tree

Hierarchy Climber is a specialty tree focused on rites and HP. Tribes may gain versatile bonuses to different types of rites and gain extra HP bonuses.
Hierarchy Climber Achievements
Tier I Flock Together Akna's Companionship Tribal Prestige
Tier II Tribal Unity
Tier III Tribal Dominance Alpha Bonds
Tier IV Destined for Greatness

World Tree

Achievements in this tree may be unlocked by any tribe, once they have completed unlocking their specialty tree. Bonuses in this tree are focused on building up the tribe's lore including deities, locations, and companions.
World Tree Achievements
Tier I Legends of the Land
Tier II Off the Beaten Path A Spirits Trilogy
Tier III Finding Your Own Way
Tier IV Tag Along Soul Contender Mini-Me for a Deity
Tier V Aippaq's Stamp of Approval One for the Road
Tier VI To Summit All Up


  • Is there a date cutoff for what can be used for an achievement?
    • Yes. In order for something to count towards unlocking an achievement it must have a timestamp after the release of the current, new system (February 11th, 2018). You may use things after this date. Anything before cannot be counted. This means if, for example, you have a tokota who reached average in January 2018 or you did a collab in December 2017, those do not count toward the requirements for these achievements.
  • Did old tribes lose their benefits with the new system?
    • Not at all. All of the achievements from the old system, in some form, were moved over and have become the General Achievements tree. With the exception of leasing, they are the old benefits. If you have old benefits you need to have applied to your tribe, head over to the TP Redemption section of the cycling journal. When old, confirmed TP is redeemed, we also check to ensure the tribe has all of the earned achievements.
  • What is this old system you're referring to?
    • Before February 11, 2018, individual tribes unlocked benefits by gathering TP and meeting certain accumulative goals with it. We changed this system so it no longer requires TP and is instead earned by completing specific requirements.
  • How many Specialty Trees can a tribe complete?
    • Only one. A tribe may complete the General Achievements Tree, and then they may choose one Specialty Tree to complete.
  • Can a tribe change their Specialty Tree?
    • Yes, each Tribe may reset their Specialty Tree once. In doing so, you will lose all currently unlocked achievements in your current Specialty Tree. Your General Achievements are not affected by this reset. To choose a new Tree post-reset, just go through the process of unlocking the first achievement of your new tree choice.
    • In order to reset your Tribe's Specialty Tree, you must have at least one achievement in any of the available Specialty Trees and have the Founder note the main group requesting the reset.
  • Can a tribe change their Specialist or Showstopper bonuses?
    • Yes, each Tribe may freely change their Specialist or Showstopper bonuses by completing the achievement again. There is no limit as to how many times this can be done, but all the requirements must be met each time.
  • Can a tribe merge with another tribe?
    • Yes. If two tribes would like to merge, you may have the founder of one tribe note the main group with their request. All TP, bank contents and Tribe Owned Tokota will be moved into the designated tribe's name and the noting founder's tribe will be turned inactive. In doing so, all members will be kicked from the tribe. The task of inviting former members falls on the merged tribes to handle. Keep in mind that Tribe Companions from the old tribe will be rendered useless and cannot be used, even if the two tribes had the same bonus.
  • Does all the art/lit for achievements need to be completed by tribemates?
    • No. Images and literature done for achievements can be completed by anyone (unless the achievement explicitly states otherwise, such as when you have to collab with a tribemate), be it a tribemate or someone outside the tribe, as long as the work is done for tokotas within the tribe.
  • Does all the art/lit for achievements have to be completed for tokotas within the tribe?
    • Yes, it does! You cannot, for example, do a breeding image for two tokotas with no relation to your tribe and have that count toward the Breeder achievement. Only work done for tokotas within your tribe counts.
  • Do items from CE rolls count toward the achievements that require tribes to "find X items?"
    • No. The items have to be found in activities, not Continuous Events.
  • Do achievements still need to be unlocked straight down?
    • No. Achievements will require the tribe to have the prerequisites listed beneath the name and description of each achievement instead.
  • Can a tribe post multiple achievements for confirmation at a time?
    • No. Tribes may only post one achievement for confirmation at a time and must wait for an admin to reply to their previous comment before being able to post another.
  • What is this "Comment Type" beneath each achievement?
    • While each achievement summary includes what we are looking for, this added "Comment Type" line is meant to be a quick way to see what kind of link we are asking for.
  • Do Tokotas that I co-own count as a tribemate?
    • No. The tokota must solely owned by another player to count, and can not be a tribe-owned tokota.