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Tribes - Tribe Leasing

Tribe Owned Tokotas | Leasing Rules | Redeeming Items | FAQ

When a tribe unlocks the highest tier of the General Achievements Tree, they unlock the ability to participate in Tribe Leasing! Tribe Leasing allows for up to three tribe-owned tokotas to be used in activities by all tribe members who have a leasing permission. These tribe-owned tokotas are meant to build a strong sense of teamwork and community among tribes.

Tribe Leasing allows tribe members to participate in activities using the currently active tribe-owned tokotas. The activity results will be posted in the tribe's mandatory Activity Tracker. The tribe's founder, trusted tribemates, or the artist of the activity may redeem items from the results posted on the tracker. Tribes are also allowed to keep part of the roll. The rules for that are detailed below.

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Tribe Owned Tokotas

Tribe-owned tokotas are tokotas that belong to the tribe, not to any specific player. Tribe-owned tokotas come with slightly different rules than regular tokotas.
  • There is no limit to the number of tokotas a tribe may own.
  • If uploading a geno to be used as a tribe tokota, the Founder or a Trusted Tribemate must submit the geno to DC using one of their monthly DC slots.
  • Uploaded tokotas may be transferred to Tribe ownership for leasing, but they must be completely blank slates.
    • This means no tack, no companions, no Rites, etc. Their award wall should be entirely blank.
  • Tribe-owned tokotas may be donated to members, but they cannot have been used in leasing.
  • The Founder or Trusted Tribemate must submit any Rites for tribe-owned tokotas for judging. However, they may be completed by anyone.
    • Faction is not used to determine AoAs for tribe-owned tokotas; they may participate in either the RoK or RoS.
  • Only the Founder or Trusted Tribemate may apply tack, traits, and companions to tribe-owned tokotas.
    • Tack, traits, and companions must be in the tribe's bank to be applied.
  • Tribe-owned tokotas have normal breeding slots, but all slot distribution must be handled by the Founder.
    • All posted breedings of a Tribe Owned Tokota must have a slot permission written out by the Founder.
  • Tribe-owned tokotas cannot earn Totems or PotA Tokens when they reach alpha.
    • If a tribe-owned tokota scores high enough to earn a trait, the trait will be deposited into the tribe's bank.
    • When a tribe-owned tokota reaches alpha, the tribe will earn an additional 20 TP.

Leasing Rules

Tribe Leasing is monitored by the group and follows a standardized set of rules. All leases will be checked to ensure all rules are upheld.
  • Only tribe-owned tokotas may be used for leasing.
  • Tribes must have an Activity Tracker to which results for leased tokotas may be posted.
  • Tribes may have up to three actively leased tokotas at a time, which must be listed in the tribe's Activity Tracker.
  • Before a tribe-owned tokota may be used in activities, a leasing agreement must be posted. Each user must have their own personal leasing permission.
    • Lease agreements must be posted in a comment on the tribe's Activity Tracker.
    • Lease agreements can be created at any time.
    • Once created, lease agreements cannot be changed until the lease expires.
    • Lease agreements automatically expire every three months - at the end of March, June, September, and December.
  • Tribes may select one item that they wish to keep from each lease agreement.
    • Tribes must select one item at the time of the Lease Agreement creation and they may not change their selected item once the lease is active.
    • Tribes may give up their claim on items if only a single item is rolled in the results. The Founder or a Trusted Tribemate must respond to the result giving up the tribe's claim.
    • Tribes may only keep one of the selected items even if there are multiples of the same item in a roll. For example, if your tribe is keeping trait tokens and three are rolled in one result, the tribe may keep one.
    • Tribes may allow the leaser to decide which item the tribe keeps.
    • Leasers are allowed to give more to their tribe if they wish, of course.
  • Commissioned works are not allowed for leased tokotas. Only collaborated and non-commissioned art will be accepted and rolled for leased tokotas.
    • If the submitter or collaborator is not in the tribe, the activities will be denied.
  • Leased tokotas may be used in Exploration, Fishing, Hunting, Caving, Diving, Prehistoric Hunting, Dangerous Game, and all tribe activities.
  • Leased tokotas may NOT be used for REs, CEs, Weekly Quests, or Official Group Events.
    • While CEs are disallowed, group-sanctioned competitions run by tribes or other members are allowed.
      • Forged Gold Medals and Stones of Aippaq are also viable ways to replace CE wins for PotAs.
    • All REs are automatically void for tribe-owned tokotas.

Redeeming Items

There are specific rules that must be followed in regard to items earned from Tribe Leased tokotas. All leases will be checked to make sure the rules are upheld.
  • All rolls must be posted on a Tribe Activity Tracker. The tribe's Activity Tracker must be a standard format, publicly accessible DA journal, which the Founder can link on the tribe's page on the companion site.
    • trackers are not allowed.
  • Tribe members may redeem their own results from the Tribe Activity Tracker.
    • If the result has an item that goes to the tribe, the tribe member must use the Transfer for Lease form in the bank.
  • The Founder or Trusted Tribemates may redeem results from the Tribe Activity Tracker after the lease has expired.
    • If the result has an item that goes to the tribe member, the Founder or Trusted Tribemate must use the Transfer for Lease form in the bank.
  • Use the TT Calc/Form Generator and the Transfer for Lease function for the proper form.
  • Anyone (Founders, Trusted Tribemates, or tribe members) who takes items that do not belong to them according to the Lease Agreement will receive a warning.
    • Any further infractions may result in consequences befitting the situation.


  • Do tribe-owned tokotas grant the tribemate HP bonus?
    • No, they do not.
  • Can tribe-owned tokotas be used as a tribemate tokota to do Tribe Activities or for using bonuses that require a tribemate's tokota?
    • No, they cannot.