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Tribes - Tribe Quests

Quest Rules | How to Submit | How to Redeem | FAQ

Tribe quests are a monthly prompt that can be completed for the set reward of 10 TP. The ability to create a Tribe Quest is unlocked by the Off the Beaten Path achievement.
These prompts are created by your tribe’s Founder & Tribe Moderators, and maintained on Tokotna by the Tribe Department.
Please check your tribe’s Tokotna Lore page for the currently active Tribe Quest along with the submission deadline.

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How to Submit Prompts

All prompts must be submitted to the Tribe Quest Approval thread on the current Tribes journal and follow the below rules to be approved. During the monthly group close, the Tribe Department will approve prompts and update these on the Tribe’s Quest Tokopedia page. Once they are approved, quests will be valid for tribe members to complete.
Prompt Rules
  • All Prompts must be SFW and follow all rules outlined in the Official Group Rulebook.
    • Bad/Offensive Stereotypes will not be permitted.
  • If prompts meet group rules and pass, entries may be modified by the group for grammar before being posted to your tribes page.
  • Your tribe may only have one Tribe quest active a month.
  • Quest prompts must be at least 50 words minimum, and we recommend they be around a maximum of 500 words.
  • Quests submitted for approval will not be active until the following month. (eg. If you submit a prompt in September it will be not be active until October).
  • For fairness, the prompt approval thread will be cleared once a month during close. However, you are free to submit your quest prompts anytime throughout the month.
    • If you wish to edit an already submitted request, you are permitted one grace comment to change details on the quest.

How to Complete Quests

Tribe members may create art/literature following the rules below to complete and redeem their quest.
  • You must be a member of the Tribe to do a tribe’s monthly quest.
  • You may only participate once per tribe quest, with up to three Tokotas, at least one of which needs to be a tribemate's tokota.
  • Entries may be done by yourself, or collaborated with a tribemate (3 collaborators max.)
  • Art must be full-body (at least 75% of Tokota depicted), colored with a semi-complex background that would meet requirements for an activity image.
    • As with all other activities, images must meet size requirements: minimum 300x300 pixels.
    • Black and white images, as well as color palette themed images, are permitted; however, they must be sufficiently detailed and the tokota's individual markings must be discernible without difficulty. Comic-style B&W images are also allowed if they use enough variation in values to illustrate each marking.
  • Literature must be at least 1000 words, and focused on the prompt. Every tokota must be included equally to count for the quest. Generally, a tokota must be mentioned at least 5 times throughout the piece.
  • When finished, you may submit to the Quests folder in the group gallery but it is not required.
  • Redeem your TP rewards in the Tribes Journal under the "Redeem Tribe Quests" section. Link all tokotas used in the quest in your form.
  • If your piece was posted before the deadline, you may redeem the rewards after the quest has changed.
  • TP rewards are per user, not per Tokota.
  • If your quest image/lit piece was a collaboration, each collaborator will receive any rewards for the quest. All collaborators must submit the quest to the Tribes Journal individually to redeem TP rewards.


  • Does Quester affect the TP reward?
    • Yes, Tokotas with the Quester trait will increase the TP reward if included in the Quest submission.
  • Do Slotless tribe companions affect the TP reward of a completed quest?
    • No, Slotless tribe companions only effect TP that is earned in the TP Redemption thread only.