Every Time is Toko Time!

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Full Name: Avalik Adriana Rupert
Nicknames: Avi, Rupert, Rupe
Age: 28
Personality: Wary of strangers and is quick to judge, however uninformed. Avalik relishes challenges and is something of a thrill-seeker. She lives on old slasher films and mystery novels for entertainment, despite her fear of blood (for which she is disgusted with and ashamed of herself.) She is a show-off who loves to (try to) prove others wrong; overall, not a terribly likable individual. Is sometimes mistaken for an angry old man if the coat is big enough.


Eyes: Olive
Height: 4' 10"
Weight: omitted
Build: Tiny, muscular, features are more square than rounded.
Hair: Brown, faded red ends. She keeps a single strand longer than the rest, brighter red at the tip.
Face: Prominent cheekbones, square chin, thick eyebrows, large/flat forehead, sun damaged spots, her broad nose is always red from the cold.
Scars: 1. She has a scar leading from below her left eye to upper lip, skips lower lip, and continues on the chin -- a large shrapnel wound from a blown engine prior to her time with Tokotas, but everyone she meets assume it was made by a Tokota. 2. An apparent bite wound on her right forearm from a tokota-taming attempt. 3. Thick keloid scar on her left abdomen below the ribs.
Complexion: Medium-light, some freckles (facial only,) reddens easily (contact dermatitis), tans easily.
Ancestry: Mixed/Unknown.
Clothes: Typically wears high-waist sweatpants and form-fitting or loose shirts for easy movement. Prone to wearing suspenders. Winter coat is cotton blend, insulated for warmth. Often wears an orange infinity scarf, even indoors--for comfort.


Previous Occupation: Mechanical Engineer aboard the System's Reliance (IGU.06) of the QRA3.25 region (space.)
Voice: Deep for her size, youthful, occasionally raspy: [Kate Winslet - https://youtu.be/hZdl2FFp0eA?t=8]

Avalik's Tokotas
Almost 9229 - First Tokota
Maybe (Deceased) 9930 -
Barely 14372 -
Rookjaw 14966 -
Cassandra 15235 -
Always 38671 -
Fort Ivan - Avalik's Ranch - Handler
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