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Current Season - Spring

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April 2024
Recall and Recovery 66959

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Knowledge Seeker

Quarter Ends on 04/30/2024

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PL: 58
PB: 70
LK: 23
KS: 106
WT: 55
TB: 32

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Pirate Flags

Yo ho ho and a bottle of rum! Avast ye scurvy dog, bring me flags and mayhaps you will be rewarded with some booty.

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Monthly Quest

Aga's Eggs

Tokotna's rabbits continue to wreck havoc by stealing eggs this month. Aga has summoned your toko to see if they can root out the cause. Please proceed to Aga's Sanctuary for your assignment.
With the introduction of the Festival of Flowers Quest Challenge, this month's quest is the Introduction Quest.
Depict your Tokota in Aga's Sanctuary. Suggested Landmark location: The Gardens.
Bonus Objective:
Depict Aga in your entry to enter a raffle for a Counterfeiter Geno.
Cacao x 1, Festival Gift Basket x 1, Deluxe Festival Egg (Truffle) x 1, Deluxe Festival Egg (Caramel) x 1
March 10th-30st 2024

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