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May 31, 2024
May 31, 2024

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May 2024
Luna 57727

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Quarter Ends on 06/30/2024

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PL: 65
PB: 76
LK: 28
KS: 111
WT: 58
TB: 34

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From the wreckage of a thousand sunken ships, a dark figure emerges from the sea!

Inga Plushie
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Monthly Quest

UnaMOOOOOzing Disappearances

Brown Highland Cow with white horns
Local ranchers have reported their livestock going missing within the past few weeks. People from the surrounding areas have reported everything from a large dire to Big Foot carrying off the livestock. Your toko has been sent to investigate what's happening to the local animals. One of the ranchers has promised your Tokota a new friend if they can stop the disappearances.

Depict your tokota searching a canon location for signs of the culprit.
Highland Coo x 1, Broken Arrows x 2, Orchid x 2, Unidentified Produce Box x 1
May 8th-31st 2024

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