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June 2024
Tahlequah 43201

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Lore Keeper

Quarter Ends on 06/30/2024

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PL: 68
PB: 79
LK: 30
KS: 113
WT: 61
TB: 35

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Thar be treasure glittering under yon fireworks! Sacrifice your treasure on these shores and be rewarded!


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Monthly Quest

Hunger of a God

Meely wants his cake and you better believe he's going to eat it,too! This month's quest is the introduction to the Toko New Year Festive Quest Challenge. Head over to the page for full details!
Depict your Tokota with Meelanik in an canon location.
Bonus Objective:
If you include Fireworks in your Quest entry, you will be entered in a raffle for a Mentor Geno.

Glowing Toybox x 1, Trait Journal x 1, Foraging Basket x 1, Unidentified Produce Box x 1
June 7th-30th 2024

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