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Meztli Thunderfeather

Quick Facts:
Title: Leader of the Lore Keeper Faction
Career: Well Known Author and Artist
Tokota: Cedar FT02
Quote: "We must respect the Lore of the Land, if we want to prosper."
Appearance: 5'8", tawny skin, amber eyes, espresso brown hair, bright expressions, and always wears lucky pendant.
Personality: Quickly changes her mind when situations arise and jumps from plan to plan. She finds herself most at peace when surrounded by nature. Whenever there is silence she tends to fill it with nervous chatter.
Background: Meztli never felt at home as one of Mikara's boys and left at a young age. When she returned she was a grown, mature woman ready to shoulder the responsibility of tradition. Her dedication and resolve earned the respect of her faction as she rose to leadership.
Rumors & Gossip:
  • Has had a long-term, close relationship with Raquel Parmar. It is rumored the two have been dating for the past year.
  • Has a lovely singing voice.
  • Took over tribe duties from her mother Mikara.
Original NPC inspiration by the Tokotas Admin Team
NPC art by Lachtaube

Faction Leader