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Wild Tokota Interaction Levels

Interaction Levels | FAQ

Once you've tamed a wild tokota, before you can start using it in group events and activities, your tokota must be at an acceptable interaction level. Obviously, your freshly-tamed tokota will not immediately be a perfect poodle ready to perform at your whim. Most - if not all - wild tokotas have been wild their entire lives, with little to no interaction with humans. This will often manifest in aggression, stubbornness, skittishness, etc. Taming is a gentle process, and does not end with simply capturing your newest companion.

You will need to unlock the ability to use your tokota in certain group features by reaching an acceptable HP point. Taming entries do not count towards HP for Interaction Levels: interaction HP will only count from when you receive the notification that you have tamed the Tokota. Previous taming entries will count for total HP after Interaction Level 6 has been reached. You cannot change the tokota's hierarchy status until you've reached the final level of taming.

When your wild tokota needs to be bumped up an interaction level, please go to the Hierarchy Updates page. Commissioned art counts the same as art by you.

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Interaction Levels

0: Wild || 0 HP

The wild may not be used for the activities below.

1: Volatile || 10 HP

May participate in Group Events.

2: Green || 15 HP

The wild may be sold or traded.

3: Curious || 20 HP

May participate in Exploration activities.

4: In training || 25 HP

May participate in Hunting & Fishing activities.

5: Bonded || 40 HP

May participate in Breeding (includes Rites of Fertility)

6: Domesticated || 50 HP

Can be given items, hand paints, etc. Can be used in every way that a regular import can.


  • Can I use taming entries as my interaction HP?
    • No.