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Jedi 46893

Average | Male | Natural Mane | Dire [25%]
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Jedi 46893
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Canarctos dirus [25%]
Ee/aa/tt/MM/CC/AA/nG/nPng/nD/nL // Ee/aa/tt/MM/CC/AA/nG/nPng/nSl/nD
Marked collared greying dun lilac black with accents and pangare // Marked collared greying seal dun black with accents and pangare
Not Bonded
210 cm
------------------------------------------ SSS: Raze 31464
----------------- SS: Duke 34328
------------------------------------------ SSD: Rainwater AF8
Sire: Andar 43088
------------------------------------------ SDS: Orca 23981
----------------- SD: Luna 36297
------------------------------------------ SDD: Donna 26135
------------------------------------------ DSS: Beren 11297
----------------- DS: Killian 18453
------------------------------------------ DSD: Nyi WF39
Dam: Althea 35416
------------------------------------------ DDS: Fishlegs 6992
----------------- DD: Narque 13567
------------------------------------------ DDD: Arawn 8019
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Physical Traits
Lion Tail
Non-Physical Traits
Excellent Conformation: +10 bonus points to any group-held halter, dressage, show jumping, or free jumping competition.
Lucky: Increased chance of encountering a random event.
Mediator: Provides a 50+ increase to taming odds when depicted in a taming entry. (Must be full body)
Special Traits (Non-Hereditary)
Dignity: +5 point score benefit in all group-sanctioned Show jumping, Dressage, Halter, and Liberty competitions.
35 HP
Tracked: 0
Applied: 35
Tokens: 0
Faction (PB): 25
AoA (Excellent): 10
Meelaniks Jinx x1: Allows for the use of unnatural/illegal eye colors and/or pupil shapes on your Tokota’s import, and also allows an uploaded Tokota’s eye color to be changed (to a natural or unnatural/illegal color).
Sikrinerks Stone x1: Allows the use HU specific of special backgrounds. These backgrounds are available on the "Sikrinerk's Stone" folder of Official Import Backgrounds.
Small Item x1: Allows one small alteration such as beads, a braid in the mane, feathers, necklace, bracelet, etc.
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