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Manager - Herald of Abandoned Puppies, Co-Chancellor of Breadtown

Trophies | Achievements


- Account Management

Activity Dominator

Unlock all 6 Activity Soul Companion Totems.
Earned 2023-10-07

Building Block

Unlock your first Totem.
Earned 2023-10-07
- Activities
- Bonding
- Breeding
- Competitions
- Crafting


Unlock your first Recipe.
Earned 2023-10-07
- Design Central
- Events

Pumpkin Prowl

Collect a pumpkin in the pumpkin patch.
Earned 2023-10-07

Treats Galore

Refill your candy bowl once.
Earned 2023-10-07

Trick or Treat!

Collect a candy bowl from another player's profile.
Earned 2023-10-07

Give me something good to eat!

Collect 31 candy bowls from another player's profile.
Earned 2023-10-07
- Faction Points
- Hierarchy Updates
- Quests
- Random Events
- Rites of Fertility
- Shrine
- TCA Activities
- Uploading

Let the Games Begin

Earned by acquiring your First Tokota!
Earned 2023-10-07