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Total 43/54
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Activities 8/9
Adventures 1/2
  • Budgie Totem - Unlocked
  • Zebra Totem
    • 5/6 Quest Redemption (View)
      When completing adventures, players will receive TP in addition to base rewards.
      Unlocked by completing 6 collaborated Tribe Quests where the Zebra companion bonus was used and the Zebra companion was depicted in the entry.
Bank 5/6
Bonding 0/1
  • Bearded Dragon Totem
    • 2/15 Collaborated Bonding Submission (View)
      You may have 2 tokotas in a single set of Bonding Rites of any Tier without collaborating the submission. Each Tokota must have their own handler or Packmate.
      Unlocked by bonding 15 Tokotas to any Tier while using collaborated Bonding rites. All images needed to bond the Tokota must be collabed.
Breeding 9/9
Competitions 5/9
  • Dolphin Totem - Unlocked
  • Elephant Totem
    • Kettle 66960 is closest with Alpha Score 28
      Alpha Score
      This is a measure of how close the Tokota is to alpha and can be updated in the Alpha Tracker.
      For all tokotas owned by the totem bearer, increases the total allowable bonus points to 55 while participating in PvP.
      Unlocked by completing Passage of the Alpha with a Tokota with the Elephant Soul Companion.
  • Giraffe Totem - Unlocked
  • Horse Totem
    • 0/5 CE Entry, 0/5 Your CE result, 0/5 Partner CE Result (View)
      You may have 2 tokotas in a single Continuous Events entry without collaborating the submission. This does not allow you to break the limit on CE entries per month.
      Unlocked by having 5 Collabed CE Entries where the other tokota in your collab takes 1st place. You cannot own both tokotas in the collab.
  • Maned Wolf Totem - Unlocked
  • Rat Totem
    • 0/5 General Admission, 0/5 Dominant and Up, 0/5 Alpha Only, 0/5 Practice Working, 0/5 Practice Sporting, 0/5 Standard Racing, 0/5 Standard Performing, 0/3 Standard Teamwork (View)
      Gain +1 additional monthly entry for Continuous Events and +6 additional monthly entries for PvP. This Totems stacks with all other additional CE entry bonuses to a maximum of 15 entries a month, and additional PvP entry bonuses to a maximum of 40 entries a month.
      Unlocked by competing in the seven solo CE sections five times each and teamwork three times.
  • Red Panda Totem - Unlocked
  • Sea Lion Totem - Unlocked
  • Tiger Totem
    • 0/100 Activity Roll from PvP (View)
      Grants one random basic hunting, fishing, or exploring roll to tokotas while participating in Player vs Player. Does not apply to opponents tokota in Doubles entries. Does not stack with any other PvP Basic Roll Companions.
      Obtaining 100 activity rolls from equipped Player vs Player companions.
Crafting 1/2
  • Beaver Totem - Unlocked
  • Painted Dog Totem
    • Quest Chain not started yet!
      While crafting, allows for doubling a successfully crafted item. Only useable on recipes Rare or lower in rarity. Cannot be used on recipes with limited crafts. 5 charges per month.
      Unlocked by completing the Crafting Quest Chain
Design Central 3/3
Hierarchy Updates 2/2
Quests 4/4
Random Events 0/2
  • Porcupine Totem
    • 1/10 Healing Proof (View)
      Injuries received by all Tokotas owned by the totem bearer are reduced by 1 step of severity. This affects all injury types. Stacks with Tenacious/Leg Protectors.
      Unlocked by healing 10 tokotas back to full health.
  • Snake Totem
    • 0/15 RE Item Loss (View)
      Negative Results from Random Events are rerolled once.
      Unlocked by losing 15 items from Random Events
Rites of Fertility 3/3
TCA Activities 2/2