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Quest Chains

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What is a Quest Chain?

A quest chain is an immersive experience designed to introduce players to a certain aspect of the game, whether it's to acquaint new players with Tokotas and all the available activities or to unlock a totem for seasoned players. A quest chain is a series of quests that increase in difficulty as they progress. But the rewards also increase with obstacles.
About Quest Chains
  • A Quest Chain refers to the whole series of quests.
  • A Quest Prompt refers to the individual quest within a chain.
  • Unlike Monthly Quests, Quest Chains are only completable once per player.
  • Requirements for completing a Quest Chain will vary depending on the end reward.
  • You MAY NOT commission art for Quest Chains. However, you may collab!
  • Quester, Quest Companions, and Festive Totems work for quest chains.
  • Whether or not a quest chain is eligible for the Quest HP bonus will be listed on the quest chain page itself. Chains that require art/lit to be used in other sections like activities or AoAs will not get the bonus. Whereas Chains that require art/lit to only be used for that chain, will get the bonus.
  • Each Prompt of the Quest Chain must be completed after you’ve received admin confirmation of the current leg. This means that you MAY NOT look ahead and just complete all of the art/lit needed ahead of time or use old admin comments in the case of needing things like Activities or AoAs to complete the quest chain leg.
  • Don’t Thread Race Quest Chains. Thread Racing is posting on a thread while waiting for another thread to process.
    • Example: A Quest Prompt requires you to have completed an AoA. So you post on the AoA thread and the Quest Prompt at the same time hoping that the AoA will get processed before the Quest Prompt so you’re ahead of others. Doing this will cause you to have to repost after the requirement is processed.

Current Quest Chains

Newbie Quest Chain
7 stages - A guided introduction to the many pursuits to enjoy in Tokotas.
➥ Go to the Newbie Quest chain
Crafting Quest Chain
10 stages- A crafting journey culminating in the awarding of the Painted Dog Totem.
➥ Go to the Crafting Quest chain


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