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Running Tokotas is a very demanding and time consuming responsibility. We look for maturity, dedication, and a desire to help. Being an admin will not put you above other members. You will not be admitted to some secret club, or have any kind of VIP pass to the front of any lines.You are helping keep this game running by volunteering your time to the group! You will be a volunteer, and the only benefit you are guaranteed is the good feeling of helping to keep the game enjoyable and fun.

Knowing this, apply only under the full understanding that this is almost on par with a part time job - we respect your real life and will definitely understand hiatuses, real life commitments, and your personal schedule, but a large amount of involvement and dedication is required. Do not apply if you are not serious about helping out, or do not have the time to.

There is no deadline. Applications will be open for all jobs and we will hire as needed.


  • You must have a Discord account. Don't know about Discord? It's a free chat service and easy to download, but we rely upon it to communicate with each other, so this is a must-have. (Note: We communicate via instant message. You won't be required to voice or video call at any point. Some methods of training do require you to watch and listen to a screen share via discord.)
  • Free time. Lots and lots of free time. We understand that Tokotas will not be the central focus of your life, but while you offer your service as an admin, you must be prepared to pitch in and actively participate.
  • Kind attitude, and prior experience with the group. While we don't need you to be the most popular or active member in the group, we really prefer a bit of seasoning on our admins, enough to have confidence in answering difficult questions, and knowing the ins-and-outs.
  • A good reputation is preferred; we are very selective in the hiring process and if you have a reputation for not responding to notes/not fulfilling obligations in a timely or courteous manner, you may be discounted.
  • You MUST be over 18. While we understand that every admin is expected to legally be an adult, there are still limits on topics discussed and admin chat is not a secret pass to a not safe for work chat. If you are found to be under 18, you will not be hired (or let go until you have turned 18).


Each role in the game is unique in how it works. The role you apply for now will be the one you stick with and the only one you assist with. It may not be particularly interesting work, but each role plays its part in making the group more engaging and interactive.
The following is information on each role and some notes or special requirements for each job. (Almost everywhere requires basic Bank training.)

Design Approval and Corrections
Design approval can be a daunting task, but those with good organization and critical thinking skills will excel at judging designs. Extensive training is provided on our markings, item counts and sizes, and design approval process. (You don't have to be an amazing designer, but experience working with Tokotas genes and designs is very helpful.)

Requirements and Notes:

  • An art program is required for color picking and judging item sizes.
  • The ability to voice chat is very helpful for the training process, but not required.

Rites of Fertility Judging
This is a pretty easy and general task over all, but it will require patience and integrity in judging. If you think you may be prone to bias for or against anyone, this job is not for you.

Requirements and Notes:

  • Some basic math adding up scores.

Breeding Roller
The job everyone wants is actually time consuming and tedious. You will be in charge of marking monthly breeding slots, delving into players’ banks, rolling and posting the final litters. You will also roll Threads of Fate, Abandoned Pups, Mystery Genos, and create lineages.

Requirements and Notes:

  • Many tabs need to be open.
  • An account with the ability to edit Google Sheets is required.

Activity Roller
Another job everyone wants, but is extremely high demand and time consuming. Patience and integrity are necessary. Judging and moving activities to a completed folder in TokoCenter can get somewhat monotonous. If you think you may be prone to bias for or against anyone, this job is not for you.

Requirements and Notes:

  • Additional training alongside our guides will be provided.

Taming Roller, TCA Taming Academy, and Bonding
Mostly the same as Activities. If you think you may be prone to bias for or against anyone, this job is not for you.

Requirements and Notes:

  • This task does cycle through the different ways of acquiring a new tokota, whether that be import or geno; so being able to switch tasks every few months is imperative.

TCA Rehoming Project and The Outpost
While similar to Taming, TCA and The Outpost are run on a raffle style system. You will be required to come up with genos to be designed and to roll the raffles. In case of genos, you will come up with a starter lineage. If you think you may be prone to bias for or against anyone, this job is not for you.

Requirements and Notes:

  • Again, some simple math, a look up for starters will be provided with training.

Hierarchy Updates
Probably the second most monotonous area to work in. You will be required to verify that peoples' HP journals are true to the HP System, as well as judge Rites of Dominance and Passage of the Alpha. Additionally, you will be required to transfer the updated images over to the new versions on TotemSpirit.

Requirements and Notes:

  • Basic math is the main focus of this section.
  • You will be given additional training in addition to our visual art guide.

Design Uploader
Not the most exciting of tasks, but a very vital one to the group. You will be responsible for uploading the pending Tokotas to Totemspirit and the Tokotna website.

Requirements and Notes:

  • You will receive additional training for tokotna access.
  • A way to save images as PNGs so they can be uploaded.

Banker and Account Management
Responsible for redeeming people's activity results and depositing them to their Tokotna banks, applying Soul Pool items/companions/traits to Tokotas, and doing all other bank related tasks. Account Management is a higher security job than even banker, though still in the same category. Account Activations require more experience and will be taught once you have gained aptitude with the regular banking tasks.

Requirements and Notes:

  • Honesty and simple math are the major points to this area.

Adventures and Events
This is a flexible role, switching between designing and processing Events (such as Lost Sons or Gaskins) and producing content as a writer, artist or both for Adventures.

Requirements and Notes:

  • Creativity is encouraged.
  • Writer option: If you'd like to write Adventures, please link lit examples in your application. If you've participated in Write Your Own Adventure, please link that even if incomplete.
  • Artist option: If you're interested in producing the art shown in Adventures, please link art examples in your application. An interest in story telling is a plus. If you've participated in Write Your Own Adventure, please link that even if incomplete.
  • An account with the ability to edit Google Sheets and Docs is required.

Continuous Events and PvP Judge
You will be responsible for the rolling and folder maintenance of both Continuous Events and PvP. If you think you may be prone to bias for or against anyone, this job is not for you.

Requirements and Notes:

  • Basic math.

Tasks in this section include registering new and old tribes on the companion site, counting and redeeming TP for tribes, confirming and updating their achievements, and approving and uploading new tribe companions. This job requires lots of work with the Tokotna site, so you should be somewhat comfortable navigating it.

Requirements and Notes:

  • Basic math.
  • Additional tokotna training will occur.

Adoption Center
A relatively easy yet time consuming job. You will be replying to newbie comments, giving them their randomly generated genos and giving the genos starter lineages. This also includes checking to make sure they qualify for an AC geno.

Requirements and Notes:

  • Patience and kindness are the greatest virtues as we want the game to be welcoming to our new players.

Somewhat similar in time requirements for banking, you will be depositing Shrine Tokens to banks, marking all submitted genos to shrine, deceasing uploaded tokotas, and marking slots both in each tokota’s personal lifetime tracker and in google sheets.

Requirements and Notes:

  • An account with the ability to edit Google Sheets is required.

Random Events and Injuries
A heavily creative position, this job requires story telling, diligence and a good grasp of mechanics. New ideas for Random Events and their results are always welcome.

Requirements and Notes:

  • Creative writing is highly encouraged.

Factions and Miscellaneous
A very monotonous position between raffles and events. You will be verifying dates and peoples’ factions. You may be required to roll the raffle for the winning faction at the end of the round, or deposit participation prizes into banks. Brawls are more rare and are similar to CEs and PvP. As Faction Points is not as big a section as the others, you will get more chances to help out elsewhere in the group. If you think you may be prone to bias for or against anyone, this job is not for you.

Requirements and Notes:

  • An account with the ability to edit Google Sheets and Forms is required.
  • You will learn to use the logs in’s back room.

Part-time Roles

The roles in this section are unique to certain on-goings of the group in need of a bit of help while full-time admins are busy. Please keep in mind that as a part-time admin, you will not become a full time admin, but you will be compensated with part-time specific quota. These roles may change or be removed over time.
Requirements listed at the top of the page are still relevant to become a part-time admin.

World Tour
Like Random Events, this will be a heavily creative position. This job requires story telling, diligence and a good grasp of mechanics.

Requirements and Notes:

  • Creative writing is highly encouraged.
  • English grammar and spelling is required.
  • A grasp of Twine is helpful but not required.

How to Apply

If you think you may be a fit for any of the positions above and want to try out, please send a note to TotemSpirit with the following form filled out completely:
Desired role and secondary desired role (if willing to work a different role in the event that your first choice is filled):
When did you join Tokotas?:
How much time can you offer?:
Prior experience (if any):
Previous designs (of yours) approved and posted on TotemSpirit (if applying for Design Corrections):
HP journal (of yours, if applying for HP counter):
Examples of group CSS/Events run in the past (of yours, if applying for event coordinator):
Are you over the age of 18?: (we do not require to know your age, but you must be 18 or older)

Alternatively, you can be sign up on our Persistent Admin Hiring List. Anyone on the sheet could potentially be contacted for an admin position in any department that needs new hires. You can select a few departments that you don’t think you’d be suited for, but in general, this list is for someone who’d be willing to help out in almost any part of tokotas!

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  • How do I know if I was hired?
    • You will receive a response to your note. If you do not receive a response, you were not hired. However, keep in mind that we greatly appreciate every application and willing volunteer!
  • What about other areas that aren’t listed such as Import Requests and Import Errors?
    • These areas are touched by any admin with the time, provided their home areas are doing well or are clear. If you get fully hired onto the team, you’re welcome to learn these sections after you have had some time to settle into your position.
  • Do I have to be a Tokotas admin to help moderate the public Discord? Is it required to help moderate it?
    • Discord moderation is a voluntary position and will not count for quota. You will need to be fully hired onto the team if you want to help moderate the discord and answer questions in #help. If you are still in training, please do not attempt to moderate the server.