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Anirniit Valley

Micro-climate. Temperate for its location
Anirniit Valley, also known as the Valley of Souls, looks to your average passerby like nothing special. It's rather open, only the edges of the valley being covered by the forests that creep further up the mountain's sides. The valley itself is covered in grass in the spring, summer, and fall months. In the winter, a layer of snow covers the land. In the center of the Valley lays a small lake. Contrary to its looks though, the valley is important because its grounds are used as a resting place for victims of untimely deaths.
Due to its sheltered location in between the mountains, winters are relatively soft and in spring the snow melts early. In the warmer seasons, small flowers bloom all over the valley, and during the summer evenings, lights can be found dancing over the water.
  • Soul Lake - A small lake in the center of the Valley.
  • Sikrinerk's Shrine - A large rock next to Soul Lake. It's a Shrine of the deity who herds the spirits of the dead to Aippaq. Various markings are carved into its surface, possibly prayers or a magic inscription of some kind.
  • The valley is a respected ground that provides a resting place for the souls of those who died before their time or those who have become lost.
  • Some may come to commemorate or leave offerings for the souls resting here, trying to help them pass on to the next world.
  • Souls who have died before their time or have become lost and are left free to roam are a danger to those living as they may become aggressive or vengeful. The valley cleanses and binds these souls, keeping the living population safe.
  • It may also be a place of rest for those who seek it or even be a haven for those who wish to die in a peaceful place.
  • Said to be enchanted long ago to attract and collect lost souls, the valley is a sacred place and to be respected by all who set paw or foot in it. As such, the valley is considered neutral territory by the wild packs.
  • If one were to disturb the peace of the valley, it is believed the offender would become cursed, soon to die an untimely and often cruel death. There's few tokota who would consider breaking this rule.

  • Original location inspiration by Lunatuh
    Location art by Redetsky