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Aurora Account

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What is an Aurora Account?

Aurora Accounts are upgraded accounts that provide a selection of customization benefits. They provide no in-game benefits. These are intended as a thank you for supporting the site.

Aurora Accounts can be purchased in the Merch Store and will last 12 months upon activation. At the end of the month that your Aurora Account expires, it will be turned off at group close.

These items will not be sold for in-game currency in the Trading Post. However, these items are transferrable and may be purchased from your fellow players. They may not be sold for more than priced in the USD store, similar to how Sikrinerk and Borga stones work.

How to Activate an Aurora Account

  1. Purchase an Aurora Membership through the Merch Store
    • You must include an email to receive your Digital Goods Code!
  2. Redeem the Code to get an Aurora Membership into your Bank.
  3. Go to your Manage Profile
  4. If you have an Aurora Membership in your bank then the "Add/Extend Aurora Account" button will be there and you can click that.
  5. Enjoy!

What are the Aurora Account Benefits?

  • General

    • Aurora Flair - The Aurora Account icon will appear beside your name on your profile and the navigation sidebar on the site.
    • Quick Links - Unlocks the ability to add up to 5 links with custom labels to the User Navigation menu.
  • User

    • Custom Profile Banner - Unlocks the ability to add a custom banner to your profile page. Banners will appear above the Notes section on your profile. All banners must be 500x200 px in size, and adhere to all group rules including not exceeding the group's PG-13 rating.
    • Custom Profile Icon - Unlocks the ability to add a icon to your profile page. Icons will appear in the header section of your profile. All icons must be 150x150 px in size, and adhere to all group rules.
    • Custom Titles - Allows user to input a custom title that will display on their profile. All titles must adhere to all group rules including not exceeding the group's PG-13 rating.
    • Featured Tokotas - Unlocks an additional four slots for Featured Tokotas on your profile page.
    • Marketplace - Allows user to input a custom name that will display on their marketplace. All names must adhere to all group rules including not exceeding the group's PG-13 rating.
    • Totem Paints - Allows user to choose an alternative color scheme for Totems to display on thier Profile. The current list of paints can be viewed below, and may be changed on the Manage Profile screen.
  • Tokotas

    • Alpha Tracker - Allows user to refresh the tracker once per hour instead of daily.
    • Collections - Allows user to organise their Tokotas into multiple collections. This is controlled with the Collections field on Edit Info.
    • Galleries - Unlocks the ability to add tracked HP to a Tokota-specific gallery for on-site viewing.
    • Generated Notes - Tokotna's system will generate notes for traits and companions attached to a Tokota every time the Tokota is updated through the Tack Apps Page or the Edit Tokota Page.
      • These notes will show for all Tokotas owned by active Aurora Members.
      • These notes are viewable by all users, and are searchable via the search feature on the My Tokotas page.
      • Unique Traits will be listed by their full name with a label "UT:".
      • Other traits and companions will be listed with the abbreviations from the table below:
    • Hierarchy Tracker - Unlocks the ability on the PotA screen to record links for Rites, Bonding, progress towards Quest & PvP trophies, as well as CE Practice event entries.
    • Tokota Pagedolls - Allows user to provide a DeviantART link to a Pagedoll or other image for their Tokotas. This image will display on the Tokota's Biography page in place of the import image.

Totem Paints

Generated Notes Abbreviations

Full Name Abbreviation Effects Category
Baker Baker Taming Trait
Mediator Med Taming Trait
Mediator II Med II Taming Trait
Wild Heart WHrt Taming Trait
Aippaq's Bonds Bonds HP Trait
Aippaq's Inheritance Inherit HP Trait
Birthright BRight HP Trait
Equipped Eqpd HP Trait
Leadership Lead HP Trait
Leadership Lead II HP Trait
Loner Loner HP Trait
Loyal Loyal HP Trait
Social Soc HP Trait
Social II Soc II HP Trait
Superstar SS HP Trait
Superstar II SS II HP Trait
Amber's Blessing AmBless Breeding Trait
Amber's Blessing II AmBless II Breeding Trait
Ancient Blood AncB Breeding Trait
Ancient Blood II AncB II Breeding Trait
Big Boned BigB Breeding Trait
Big Boned II BigB II Breeding Trait
Gentle Akota Bloodlines GaB Breeding Trait
Lovebird Lovebird Breeding Companion
Mauja's Draw MD Breeding Trait
Mauja's Draw II MD II Breeding Trait
Meelanik Sprite Meel Sprite Breeding Companion
Mimic Mimic Breeding Trait
Nanook's Shadow NaS Breeding Trait
Nanook's Shadow II NaS II Breeding Trait
Oona's Blessing OoBless Breeding Trait
Oona's Blessing II OoBless II Breeding Trait
Prominent Prominent Breeding Trait
Pug Pug Breeding Companion
Pygmy Goat Goat Breeding Companion
Sedna's Light SeL Breeding Trait
Sedna's Light II SeL II Breeding Trait
Small Stature SmSt Breeding Trait
Small Stature II SmSt II Breeding Trait
Snowshoe Hare Hare Breeding Companion
Spirit Dove Dove Breeding Companion
Swan Swan Breeding Companion


  • What happens if my Custom Title/Custom Banner/Toko Pagedoll breaks Group Rules or PG-13 rating?
    • The title or banner will be removed from the system. Repeated or egregious breaking of these rules may result in these benefits being revoked.
  • Is there any way to get an Aurora Account for free? Do Admins get Aurora Accounts for free?
    • No, all Aurora Accounts must be paid for through the merch store. They are intended to provide stable income for server costs.