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Aurora Paint
6400 TT
8000/7600/7200/6800 TT

  • Decor
A special handpaint to celebrate a Tokota completing their Rites of Dominance.
Allows 1x Paint from the "Aurora Paint resource folder" to be applied to a dominant Tokota.
  • This may be used as a Dominant Symbol when completing a Tokota's Rites of Dominance.
    • This cannot be applied through any other Hierarchy Update thread, including Passage of the Alpha.
  • Otherwise, this may be applied through the Import Update thread in Design Central.
  • Tokota must be dominant to have Aurora paint applied.
  • Aurora Paint is a one use items that cannot be removed or transferred to another Tokota.
  • When applied to a Tokota, you may choose any of the symbols to apply. It does not have to match the Tokota's soul animal.
  • You may use multiple Aurora Paint to apply multiple symbols.
  • The rules for color, size, number, and placement follow the same rules as regular handpaints.
  • No additional handpaint item is required to apply Aurora Paint.
  • You must purchase the 'Aurora Paint' item to apply the symbols. You may not apply them using regular or crafted handpaints.
Purchasable in the Trading Post.