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Benjamin “Woody” Nakamuro

Quick Facts:
Name: Benjamin Nakamuro
Nicknames: Woody
Title: Leader of the Wilderness Tracker Faction
Career: No one is entirely sure, seems to be a Jack of All Trades and Master of None. Found doing various jobs at random times.
Tokota: Amai FT04
Quote: "Uh-huh."
Appearance: 5'11", olive skin, chocolate eyes, thick black hair, confident smile, and looks slightly unkempt at all times.
Personality: Laid back and go with the flow in most situations. He prefers nature and Tokotas to people and is terrible with names. Usually knows someone by their Tokotas rather than their face.
Background: Woody walked out of the forest at the age of 7 covered in dirt, but otherwise healthy. There was no sign of family beyond Amai at his side, creating the rumor that he was literally raised by wild Tokotas. His knowledge of nature in Tokotna gained him leadership in his faction.
Rumors & Gossip:
  • Known to be a terrible flirt yet he's horrible at flirting.
  • Clothing has been patched over a hundred times.
  • Been caught sleeping on the job a few times, but plays it off as meditation.
Original NPC inspiration by the Tokotas Admin Team
NPC art by Lachtaube

Faction Leader