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Important Information | Companion Slots | FAQ

Companions are animal partners that offer benefits you and your Tokota can utilize throughout the game.
To apply a companion that you found to a Tokota, please use the the Tack Apps page found linked on your Tokota's Tokotna Import.
In order to apply companion benefits, you must include the companion in the required form for the department (e.g. Breeding Form, Bank Redeems, Activity Form, etc.).

> The current list of all companions can be found here. <

You are welcome to integrate your Tokota's companion into your stories and art, or simply keep it as a passive addition for your Tokota's award wall. You're not required to draw them at any point in time, so you can think of them as items, or give them life according to your preference.

Important Information

  • You may not have more than one of a given companion equipped.
  • Two companions with the same bonus will not stack. (Such as Twiggy & Leafy) However, different companions with different bonuses in the same areas will stack with each other.
  • In Breedings having the same companion on the sire and dam will not give you the benefit twice. Companions only affect the breeding once.
  • Companions can be removed but doing this without the crafted item called a Creature Cage will delete the companion permanently. Using the cage you can return the companion to your bank instead.
  • Each tokota can have two "normal" companions; the Snow White trait increases this to three at Submissive and Average, and then four at Dominant.
  • Dominance companions do not count towards the "normal" companion slots. Including the dominance companion, a Tokota may have three companions total, or five with Snow White II.
  • Dominant Tokotas may unlock one additional Companion Slot by trading an Elemental Heart at the Soul Pool.

Companion Slots by Hierarchy

Base Snow White Bonus Slot
Submissive 2 3 -
Average 2 3 -
Dominant 2 4 5
Alpha 2 4 5


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