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Dr. Wilford Olle Mitchel

Quick Facts:
Title: Leader of the Knowledge Seeker Faction
Career: Head of Tokotna Research Center (TCA) & founder of the Aippaqian Archive
Tokota: Percy FT01
Quote: "Expansion of knowledge is key to success."
Appearance: 5'4", fair skin, honey brown eyes, greying brown hair, has laugh lines on the edge of his mouth, and constantly wearing his lab coat.
Personality: Hyperfocuses on the details which can make him slow to make a plan, but they are good ones. He prefers to be where his latest project is regardless of location. Has the tendency to always assume he's right.
Background: Mitchel has always been in love with his reasearch first and foremost. His life has been spent chasing after the mysteries of tokotna to explain them. Quite by accident he rose to leadership in his faction after the events of the Tartok Expeditions.
Rumors & Gossip:
  • Lives with his elderly mother.
  • Has an intense rivalry with Feodora Remmington in the Show Circuit.
  • Happily married to his work in every way.
Original NPC inspiration by the Tokotas Admin Team
NPC art by Lachtaube

Faction Leader