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Festival of Flowers

General | Flower Baskets | Spring Celebration
1 Month

The Festival of Flowers (FoF) is one of Tokotna’s newest holidays, taking place during the month of April. Honoring the spirit of spring with new growth and an abundance of foliage, the major deity associated with the event is Aga.

Flower Baskets



This portion of the Festival of Flowers takes place on the Tokotna website. Each day a player may choose from a selection of flowers to plant on their profile. Additionally players can visit others' profiles in order to harvest their chosen flower. The goal is to collect enough of certain flowers to craft Flower Baskets, which may be opened for surprise items.
For the duration of the event, players may go to others' profiles to pick event flowers.
You may also plant one type of flower on your profile per day, providing 8 flowers for other players to take. If all 8 are taken by other players you get 1 of the chosen flower.

Event flowers can be used to craft one of the limited time event recipes. These recipes have no fail chance and count towards advancement in Crafting.
  • You may pick up to 6 flowers a day.
  • Flowers reset at Midnight PST
    • You must replant flowers daily, unpicked flowers will not roll over between days.
  • Flowers are transferable and may be traded between players after being picked.
  • You may not sell/buy flowers during the event for USD.