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Festival of Flowers Quest Challenge

Before You Begin | Introduction | Challenge |FAQs |

Before You Begin

Akin to Inktober challenges, Festival of Flowers is a challenge to complete 30 pieces of art or literature in any area of the game. Unlike Inktober, FoF may be completed at your leisure.
  • The first step you need to do to gain access to a Festive Quest Challenge is to turn in the Introduction quest.
  • All pieces must have been submitted to DA after April 9, 2024.
  • This may only be completed once per player.
  • You must complete or collab on all pieces for the Festival of Flowers Quest Challenge. You may not commission work for it.
  • Quester, Quest Companions, and Festive Totems all apply to the rewards on this page. HOWEVER, the quester must be present in the all the pieces to receive the quester rewards. It doesn't need to be actively partaking. Tagalongs are fine.

This quest festive challenge IS NOT eligible for the Quest HP bonus.


Aga's Eggs

You find yourself in Aga’s Sanctuary, following a deer that bears the mark of Aga on his haunch. Moss and flowers decorate his impressive rack. He leads you to the Gardens, where Aga herself is standing over one of her ponds. Flowers are in full bloom all around her. As you draw closer, you can see that she is watching the massive koi swimming in circles. Large lotus blooms dot the pond, casting shadows over the koi as the pass under it. Your deer escort approaches her and bows low while speaking his own language. Aga turns with a soft smile, replying to him in his language. As her eyes meet yours, you realize you should probably bow as well. As you do, Aga nods regally.

“Perfect. You are just in time, friend. I have a bit of a task for you. Something has gotten into the rabbits of Tokotna lately, as you might have heard from Lith. In addition to being where they should not be, they’ve started stealing eggs. Any eggs. It doesn’t seem to matter to them who laid them. We have had reports from birds, reptiles, and platypus as well,” Aga laughs as you make a surprised face about the last animal. “Yes, Platypus lay eggs. They’re also venomous. Whichever deity came up with that animal was having a weird day. Anyway, I’d like you to travel across Tokotna to see if you can find out the cause. I want to know if nature is in balance as it should be. Perhaps there has been an upset somewhere causing the rabbits to act out of character, or maybe they are just excited for the Festival of Flowers. Return to me after you have completed your travels. If you need to send an urgent message to me, call my name and one of my messengers will come to you. It should be a pleasant time for traveling. Flowers are in bloom all over Tokotna or at least they should be.”

She turns back to watching the koi. You understand you’re supposed to show yourself out.

  • Depict your Tokota in Aga's Sanctuary. Suggested Landmark location: The Gardens.
  • Cacao x 1, Festival Gift Basket x 1, Deluxe Festival Egg (Truffle) x 1, Deluxe Festival Egg (Caramel) x 1

The Challenge

To complete this challenge, you can do quests, quest challenges, activities, AoAs, RoDs, PotAs, CEs, or Pvps themed with the above prompts.
  • A Tracker is available to help you keep up with all the prompts! Find it Here. Please make a copy by going to File > Make a copy. You may change the colors, just no neon, please.
  • Art and Literature are both very welcome!
  • All artwork must be created after April 9, 2024 to count for this Challenge.
  • One prompt per piece.
  • All art must be done by you or at least collabed.
  • Pieces may be from any area of the group.
  • Pieces must be processed in their department BEFORE you submit for an achievement.
  • You may count the intro quest as one of the above challenge prompts, as long as it fits both the quest and prompt.
  • Turn in your prompts when you complete any 5, 15 or all 31 themed prompts at the Festival of Flowers Challenge thread on the Quest Journal.

Bronze Festival of Flowers Achievement - Complete 5 prompts
Cacao x 1,Surprise Festival Egg x 1,Deluxe Festival Egg (Chocolate) x 1

Silver Festival of Flowers Achievement - Complete 15 prompts
Deluxe Festival Basket x 1,Festival Festival Egg (Nougat) x 1,Deluxe Festival Egg (Truffle) x 1

Gold Festival of Flowers Achievement - Complete 30 Prompts
Firefly Jar x 1, Festival Gift Basket x 1, Chicken x 1

Form to include in each themed piece:

Festival of Flowers Prompt Number:
Collab: Y/N
How is this prompt reflected in your piece?:


  • May I use Tamings, Quest, TCA Reqs, etc for the prompts?
    • Yes, as long as they fit the prompts.
  • Question?
  • Question?
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