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Caves, Disorientation, Silence
  • Shown
  • A giant eyeless salamander
  • A faceless human wearing old, tattered caving gear
There are many tales about Lith the Faceless, but only the spirit itself knows the truth of them — and it cannot tell its story, for no matter what form it takes, it has no mouth from which to speak.

Some say that it was once a normal spirit until it committed a crime so wicked, it was sentenced to be buried beneath the earth forevermore; to never again feel the light of moon or sun. Others say that it is the soul of a mortal creature who tumbled into the The Wandering Mines long ago — and it continues to search for an escape even now, unaware that it has become as dark and twisted as the Mines themselves.

Lith haunts deep tunnels that have never been touched by natural light. It appears before spelunkers, treasure-seekers, and miners alike, silently barring their paths with reaching tendrils and an eyeless stare. Those who attempt to attack Lith or flee from it are lost forever in the dark, never to be seen again.

But Lith is not entirely without mercy or generosity. If one wishes to survive an encounter with this spirit, they need only offer it a heartfelt gift from the surface — it does not need to be anything difficult to find, either. A freshly-picked flower, a home-cooked meal, or a soft, warm pelt — these things can be enough. If Lith approves of your offering, it will gently lift it up in its tendrils and let you pass without further interference. If it is in a particularly good mood, it may even guide you to what you seek; be it a way out of its domain or a secret hidden further within.

But even if it chooses to be helpful… take care to never, ever let it touch your bare skin. Those touched by Lith will have their natural sense of direction snatched from them, doomed to be lost even in the most familiar of places.

Original deity inspiration by sea-lamprey
Deity art by sea-lamprey