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Lola Bennings-Contraras

Quick Facts:
Title: Leader of the Token Broker Faction
Career: High End Market Trader and Business Consultant
Tokota: Athena FT06 and Eris FT07
Quote: "It must be worth its weight in gold for me to want it."
Appearance: 5'0", fawn skin, hazel eyes, wavy walnut brown hair, sharp gaze, and wears flashy earrings.
Personality: Always analyzing and planning when a situation arises. She prefers the city where there is no dirt. There isn't a name or face she's ever forgotten.
Background: Lola was not born into a family with money or power, she learned early on that she had to earn that herself. Working many jobs she put herself through school for a business degree. Then went on to be one of the most successful people in Tokotna winning her leadership in her faction.
Rumors & Gossip:
  • Is your five minute best friend when there is a deal to be made.
  • She had found her soulmate but lost her. Supposedly, she has a new boyfriend.
  • Isn't afraid to get her hands dirty when it needs to be done.

Faction Leader
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