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Maiksuk Meadow

Always foggy and cool, even in the summer.
Meaning "Bad thing! Meadow". A meadow covered by beautiful flowers and constant fog, surrounded by snow-covered plains.
For some reason, this place dulls your nose and senses. There is a prevalent fog cover at all times, even in the midst of a clear summer day. The deeper you go, the more you get lost. Many other tokotas have been lost to the meadow by staying too long. Enticed by the cool temperatures in the summer, and warmth in the winter, many tokotas lay down for the night, and vanish by morning.
  • There are many claw marks on rocks from an old Alpha, they mark the outside of the meadow. It's clear message: "Do Not Pass."
  • The humans say it has something to do with spirits, but you can't smell spirits. Older pack members say that some have a visual shape, or have inhabited other Tokotas, but you are not sure those legends exist.
  • If one enters the fog, they do not exit.
  • The stream that feeds the meadow is said to be the sweetest water.

  • Original location inspiration by bluedrgnMethy
    Location art by Preimpression